Maddie Christy

Storytelling Intern @ ECHO Global Farm and Managing Editor @ The Bethel Clarion

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Follower of Jesus. College junior. Journalism major. Avid journaler. Photo lover. Best friend of Google. Fan of fruit. Friend of coffee. Torn between choosing the life of an ever-learning journalist or the high and hard calling of life as a missionary.

Meet the New ECHO Interns: Will and Noelle

By: Maddie Christy On June 25th, ECHO Florida welcomed two new interns ! Will and Noelle will begin their 14 month internship with a month of orientation and introductions before easing into their specific areas on the farm.

Details: a photo essay with a tighter focus

An afternoon walk on the farm reveals tropical plants and flowers that I have never seen before in all their various stages of growth. ECHO's passion for agriculture is abundantly clear in the varied details found throughout the farm. The details speak of a commitment to growing good produce with the vision of sustainability in mind.

So much to learn, so little time

By: Maddie Christy "So what do you like about journalism?" one of the ECHO interns asked me last week. "I love that I get to write about a million different things. I get to become a mini-expert in so many different areas," I said.

Journalism, balance and faith in the world of content marketing

"My role is to basically oversee the editorial content that comes out of World Vision. World Vision is a large international organization with over 100 offices around the country. We have support offices and field offices - the support offices raise the money for the field offices to use. Essentially, we are a marketing organization.

The riveting river - ROYAL REPORT - Medium

Thomas Becknell sprints up the 4th street skywalk into the Pioneer Endicott building. His silver hair flips and flops as he races to grab his Mississippi River map and umbrella. His eyes are glassy as he returns to his table and opens his Macbook.

One last chance

The broomball champions rise to the surface after a Jterm of ice battles. By Maddie Christy | For the Clarion Bright white stadium lights pierced the sky over the rookie ice rink on campus Thursday night, Feb. 9. Billows of smoke floated by carrying the warm gooey scent of roasted marshmallows and piping hot chocolate.

24 hours at Bethel

The Clarion spread out across Bethel's campus Monday, May 1 armed with cameras, notebooks and tripods. Here's a multimedia peek of 24 hours at Bethel. By Clarion Staff 12:14 a.m. Selina Pineschi sits in the dining center kitchen waiting to clock out. She wears dark lipstick and her eyelids are covered in black eye...

Professor Project: Jennifer Scott - ROYAL REPORT - Medium

Bethel Believer. Truth Teacher. By Maddie Christy | Multimedia journalist Meet Jennifer Scott. Scott grew up in Edina, MN in what she would call a non-Christian home. Often finding herself in circumstances outside looking in at people of faith she came to want what they had.

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