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I've worked at Santa Rosa Junior College's student-run newspaper The Oak Leaf for nearly two years.

The Oak Leaf
Contraception misconceptions: Is your method effective?

Remembering to take a pill every day wasn't easy for Santa Rosa Junior College biology major Jeannie LeGallee. The 21-year-old tried taking oral contraceptives as a form of birth control but found she would often forget to take them. "I'm really bad at remembering and procrastinate things. An alarm

The Oak Leaf
SRJC students help identify animal abuser

Through attentiveness and hard work, three Santa Rosa Junior College students identified a maltreated dog and traced her to her abusive owner, whose hearing is Dec. 7. Coast Guard Petty Officer Ronald McKnight, 37, of Santa Rosa, pled no-contest July 9 to a felony animal abuse charge for the negl

The Oak Leaf

Lumafest came to life as a colorful celebration, which for many, stirred the unquenchable thirst of curiosity. Students, faculty and the surrounding community ventured to the grounds of Santa Rosa Junior College's Petaluma campus Oct. 17 to engage in the festivities and education booths. Early bi

The Oak Leaf
Beloved Chihuahua dies

The Chihuahua found abandoned in a dumpster in Santa Rosa Junior College Bech parking lot on Oct. 27 died Monday after surgery to repair her two broken legs.

The Oak Leaf
Student dies, gaming community mourns

Cherished friend and student Nicholas Owen, 20, died from a car collision on his way to school Monday, Sept. 14. CHP officials said Owen drove off the road and collided with a tree near Petrified Forest Road and Sharp Road in Calistoga around 8:10 a.m.

The Oak Leaf
[Video Included] Students react to sexual assault on campus

Many Santa Rosa Junior College students don't worry about campus safety, but an incident like the sexual assault Aug. 20 in Barnett Hall's women's restroom brings college safety to everyone's mind. SRJC student Louise Clayton, 52, said hearing about the rape shocked and scared her, which occu

The Oak Leaf
Woman reports rape on campus

A reported rape left the college community shocked and fearful. Santa Rosa Junior College student told campus police that a masked man raped her in Barnett Hall's women's restroom on the Santa Rosa campus at approximately 9 p.m. Aug. 20, district police said. Medical personnel informed campus poli

M.E.Ch.A. member meets President

Erika Hernandez fulfilled Santa Rosa Junior College's ideal of fostering diverse educational opportunities when she met President Barack Obama on an Organizing for Action (OFA) summit April 23. Linda Hemenway, chair of the Sonoma County chapter of OFA, enabled Hernandez to go on the OFA Fellowship summit to meet the president after she became a fellow of the OFA Fellowship Program.

SRJC Black Student Union receives Best Club award

The Inter-Club Council granted the Black Student Union the Best Club award, recognizing its work and contributions to the community at a council meeting April 29. Through its constant work ethic and persistence, the BSU brought honor to Santa Rosa Junior College thanks to its involvement with the local community and immersion in worldwide issues and affairs.

Making dreams come true: SRJC opens Dream Center for students

Undocumented students can now find understanding and assistance in furthering their education thanks to Santa Rosa Junior College taking a progressive step by opening up a Dream Center May 4 in Plover Hall.With a dedicated staff, the Dream Center will give new and continuing undocumented SRJC students with support and advice on how to navigate their educational opportunities.

Teach respect along with prevention and good ethics

It's a sad state of affairs when it's basically a requirement for women to carry pepper spray whenever they walk alone. It's even sadder because I don't need to tell you the reason why. You already know.

BSU pursues justice with Rohnert Park Police

Black Student Union members from the Santa Rosa Junior College continue to pursue justice for a racial incident that occurred in November in Rohnert Park. An incident that would have been expected over 50 years ago in segregated southern states became a reality for SRJC and Sonoma State University BSU members on Nov.

Police launch investigations into BSU conflict

Brian Masterson, Rohnert Park's director of public safety, has launched an internal investigation regarding the conduct of some Rohnert Park Police officers with Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University Black Student Union Members after an altercation at the Double Decker Lanes bowling alley in November.

Homeless Action! promotes Homeless Bill of Rights

Members of the grassroots organization Homeless Action! are calling on Santa Rosa Junior College students and clubs to help the Northern California homeless population gain basic human rights through support, education and activism. Homeless Action! members Adrienne Lauby and Charlene Love attended SRJC's Inter-Club Council (ICC) meeting on Feb.

Karen Holzworth faces incriminating evidence on trial

The District Attorney prosecuting the wife of a former Santa Rosa Junior College police officer rested her case Feb. 6 after playing incriminating jailhouse phone calls and eliciting compromising testimony from bank tellers and detectives familiar with the case. Karen Holzworth is on trial for being an accessory and knowingly receiving stolen property.