Lynn Reynolds

Freelance copy and content writer

I write copy and content with character, humour and power. Science, technology and writing pedagogy are my specialities.

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Technology, Your Social Life, and Everything

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When Your Relationships Are Affected By Post-Brexit Differences

Brexit: it's the vote that exposed a nation's differences. Ever since the hair's-breadth decision for Britain to leave the EU was announced in the early hours of the 24 th of...

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Are Online Relationships Really Second Best?

Have you seen the 2013 movie Her ? It's a touching romance starring Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore, a writer who falls in love with Samantha, an intelligent operating system voiced...

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Got a New Technology? You Need a New Etiquette

Any new technology causes chaos, at least for a while. Think of the motor car: the first real motor vehicles appeared in the early 19 th century, and there was an immediate...

Business, Recruitment and Decision Making

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Algorithms and decision making for your business

Just how much can you rely on your experience and knowledge to make the right decisions at work? More and more, scientists are beginning to realise how much our thinking is...

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Metrics based recruitment and selection: just what your business needs

There's no doubt about it; metric-based recruitment is on the rise. Companies who once relied on the traditional double whammy of CV and interview are now turning to testing...

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The cost of hiring a new employee: we do the sums

We're betting the answer will surprise you. It certainly surprised us. Hiring a new employee costs, on average, over £30,000.

Writing and Writing Pedagogy

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A Surfeit of Superlatives

Even if you think a product, invention or idea is the best thing since sliced bread, it pays to stay low-key when writing about it. In this killer article I'll grab your...

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Should You Use Words of Foreign Origin In Your Writing?

George Orwell thought not. So should foreign words and phrases really be verboten, or can they add a certain je ne sais quoi to your magnum opus? Orwell's essay Politics and the...

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Why I'll Probably Never Stop Playing Deadline Chicken

Failing to start work well before the deadline is down to sheer laziness, right? Wrong, says an article in Wired magazine. Here's why I think this idea has significance for...

Speculative fiction

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Intelligent Design: 5 Ideas to Help You Create Mind-Boggling Fantasy Creatures

It's not easy playing god. Any writer worth their salt will tell you that creating plausible fantasy creatures is hard work, and usually takes considerably longer than seven...

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Make Your Novel Great - Develop Your Premise

Essentially, the premise of your novel is the answer to the question 'What is it about?'. In his provocative book Save the Cat, Hollywood screenwriter Blake Snyder compares the...

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The Three-Act Structure: Obsolete or Essential?

The three-act structure has a distinguished history. It was first described in Aristotle's Poetics well over 2000 years ago, and the idea has since been refined by playwrights...

Wellbeing and Creativity

Personal Growth

Healthy Breakfasts For Manic Mornings

Whether you're an extreme commuter, a busy parent, or just someone who likes to get as much sleep as possible, mornings are invariably a flurry of manic activity. In the midst...

Personal Growth

5 Techniques To Turbo Charge Your Creativity

Would it surprise you to hear that creativity is not a personality trait but something you can learn? If you don't think of yourself as a creative person, this way of thinking...

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4 Conditions Which Can Be Effectively Treated By Acupuncture

In the cosmopolitan 21st century, most of us have some familiarity with acupuncture. This therapy, which usually involves inserting very fine steel needles into the skin at...