Lydia Deverdzic

Digital Marketer, Content Strategist & Copywriter

United States

I am passionate about people, business-driven solutions, health, and communication. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, cooking, stand-up comedy, researching the latest health and business trends, and spending time with family and friends.

Clients who I had the pleasure to work for:

3DR Holdings (3DPrinting, Technology & News)
Veterinary Referral Emergency Group (Animal Hospital)
Perfect Building Maintenance (Professional Cleaning Service)
One World Trade Center (Real Estate)
Partnership for the Homeless (Nonprofit)
Lúgh Studio, Inc (Web Design & Development)
Fundraise Up (AI Assisted Technology for Nonprofits)
Unilever (Consumer Goods)
International Advertising Association (Advertising)
Sarah Says Pets (Dog Training)
37 Actives (Luxury Skincare & Dermatology)


Blog Posts

Perfect Building Maintenance
Time is NOW to Plan Your Return to Work: Preventative & Ongoing Cleaning Preparation

The good news is that as an employer or building owner you can take immediate action in ensuring your environment is clean and safe prior to their return. Even if no one has entered the workplace in weeks, a thorough cleaning plan will put your employees' and tenants' minds at ease, enabling them to return with confidence.

VERG Brooklyn
5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet - VERG Brooklyn

It's natural for us to gravitate towards the youngsters when choosing a new pet. But did you know that senior pets have a harder time finding caretakers, even when they have just as much to offer? That's why November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month , a month devoted to adopting, caring and loving senior pets.

Lúgh Studio
Lúgh Studio congratulates Designer Sourabh Gupta on his recent feature in the New York Times

Lúgh Studio is excited to announce that our client, Indian-born designer Sourabh Gupta, has been featured in the New York Times and Reuters. As a passionate artist, Sourabh's work is the epitome of creativity, originality and precision. His unique style and upbringing have paved the path for his success, being most famously known for his exquisite craft of delicate paper flowers.

Lúgh Studio
Virtual Conferencing: The New Norm For Event Organizers - Lúgh Studio

Now is the time to adapt - not abandon. We're seeing more businesses and event organizers launch their events online as opposed to canceling them. While nothing will replace the unique benefits of face-to-face gatherings, virtual conferencing- if done correctly and thoughtfully - can yield powerful results.

VERG Brooklyn
VERG shares tips for National Pet Obesity Awareness Day - VERG Brooklyn

As humans, we understand that being overweight can have serious implications on our overall health and lifestyle. But did you know that our pets can experience the exact same issue? According to the APOP ( Association for Pet Obesity Prevention), around 54% of dogs and cats in the United States are obese.

Lúgh Studio
Four Elements That Make Up a High-Performing News Site

What makes a high-performing news site? Aside from having loads of relevant articles published daily, the quality of content and overall branding is what truly sets a great news site apart from its competition. As a website owner, your goal is to provide readers with a meaningful reading experience while respecting the value of news.

Lúgh Studio
Top 2020 Web Design Trends - Lúgh Studio

Just like a fashionista needs to upgrade their wardrobe 4x a year to keep up with emerging trends, so too does a website owner need to frequently upgrade the look and feel of their website. In 2020, we're seeing web design take off with a bolder approach.

Lúgh Studio
Nonprofit Strategy Series: How to Integrate Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be a wonderful addition to your nonprofit marketing. When implemented with a clear plan, you can yield tremendous results, hopefully bringing you more donations. Check out our 5-step solution on how to integrate social media into your overall nonprofit strategy.

Lúgh Studio

As a business owner, you set aside time to learn the tricks-of-the-trade when generating sales, building a loyalty program or improving overall customer experience. But did you know that by simply learning the digital needs of your user, through your very own website, you can begin to improve almost any area of your business?