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Whether it's online copy for your business/product, content writing for your digital media platform, script writing, proposal drafting, heck, even cutting up magazine letters for your ransom letters - i'm your writer.

My writing experience is wide and varied - I completed a degree in Journalism and Media Studies/English Language and Linguistics at Rhodes University where my love and deep passion for writing was born and tenderly bred.

My background includes online news writing and Newsroom management for an Arts publication | content writing and online managing for a market research and tech start - up | content producing, video editing and shoot directing for TV for a production company | Facilitating workshops around effecting business writing skills and effective report writing |

All of the above experiences challenged me, helped me finesse a great work ethic and made me the strong, creative and spirited writer that I am today.

How Many Questions Should Your Survey Have?

Are your survey response rates lower than you'd like? Are you having a hard time getting people to send back your surveys after you distribute them? If this is the case, the issue might be the length of your survey. If it's too long, people might get tired and stop filling it out halfway through.

10 best team collaboration software tools - BigTeam

Product Hunt is the best place for product-loving enthusiasts to discover, share and grow new products. Because BigTeam is all about team collaboration and efficiency, we love finding new products that provide efficiency, productivity, creativity and new technology at the heart of their software.

Further protests at EMC

At 3pm today Rhodes University protesters as well as members of the Unemployment People's Movement (UPM) marched back to the Eastcape Midlands College (EMC). This was following a protest held earlier the same morning at the same venue (for more click here and here). Luyanda Mahlinza reports.

Mugg & Bean opens in Grahamstown

After months of anticipation, Mugg & Bean has opened in Pepper Grove Mall this morning. The opening was described as "soft" to customers who were waiting outside in the hopes of being the first to enjoy a breakfast at the local branch. Embizweni were amongst the first customers and recorded the opening.

Intervarsity: add some safety to your gees

Intervarsity is finally here. Luyanda Mahlinza spoke to Kenny Knoetze, assistant manager of Hi-Tech Security, about some incredibly important safety requirements to take note of this weekend. The most anticipated and spirited weekend that almost every Rhodes University student look forward to is finally upon us.

10 things you need to know about the Eastern Star Press Gallery

It's actually in Grahamstown. Turns out Grahamstown is not the isolated, ghost-lurking vacuum we once thought it was. Hidden (and simultaneously in clear view) on Anglo-American Street is The Eastern Star Gallery. The Gallery is literally named after the once locally produced newspaper, the predecessor to the popular and daily The Star.

What's in a name? Everything.

The name changing debate is quite frequently diverted to other issues. Efforts made by activist groups at Rhodes University, namely the Black Students Movement, are often dismissed. "Don't you have more important things to worry about other than changing names?" is the typical question that arises. Luyanda Mahlinza attempts to explore this tension.

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