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I write about games, technology and entertainment. I've bylined at Game Informer, Paste, Vice's Waypoint, Kill.Screen's The Meta, and other outlets. I'm endlessly fascinated by the intersection of technology and culture.

Game Informer
Creating The Colorful Cast Of Overwatch

With Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment will introduce its first new IP in nearly two decades. For the studio that produced such beloved worlds as Azeroth and Sanctuary, that's a big deal. Bringing the world of Overwatch to life takes more than just interesting character designs and appealing map layouts; it's about making characters that players care about.

Game Informer
Obsidian Brings Tabletop RPGs To Tablets In Pathfinder Adventures

The developers at Obsidian Entertainment are no strangers to adapting successful, lore-filled universes. From KOTOR II to Fallout: New Vegas to even South Park: The Stick of Truth, they've consistently delivered new takes on existing and well-loved franchises. Pathfinder is the latest series to get the Obsidian treatment, with a mobile adaption of the deckbuilding Pathfinder Adventure Card Game coming March 29.

Game Informer
It's Dangerous To Go Alone: Gaming's Worst Advisors

This feature was originally published March 16, 2016. Every hero needs a sage advisor, someone to dispense wisdom and guidance in times of crisis and hardship. Games naturally lend themselves to the presence of a mentor, as developers have a lot to teach players before they turn them loose into their carefully constructed worlds.
7 Strange Examples of Genre Mixing in Card Games

Most collectible card games, or CCGs, are designed around some form of combat, usually fueled by spells, minions and enchanted items. Thanks to smash hits like Magic and Hearthstone, CCGs have come to be defined by crafting the most powerful deck conceivable and using it to systematically crush opponents.

The Meta
"A good player is always lucky": the case of chance in competitive gaming - The Meta

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, playwright Tom Stoppard's surrealist quasi-sequel to Hamlet, opens with the two titular characters flipping coins. Rosencrantz bets heads 92 times in a row, winning every flip, prompting Guildenstern to declare they must exist outside the laws of probability. In the face of Rosencrantz's blind luck, Guildenstern feels powerless, and can't ...

Game Informer
Liked That, Play This: Five Adventure Games You Might Have Missed

Last year was one of the best for adventure gaming in recent memory. While more straight-laced, serious titles like Life Is Strange and SOMA gave players something to think about, lighthearted romps like Broken Age and Tales from the Borderlands harkened back to the humor of the genre's LucasArts-dominated heyday.

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