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I am a journalist and a student at Kennesaw State University who happily serves as the arts and living editor at the Sentinel and as a TV team member at Owl Radio. I have a column on The Agora blog at Patheos where I explore spirituality and a column with It's Going Down that I use to call out billionaires. I do occasional freelancing. I'm a spiritual queer leftist trying to use journalism to create positive change.

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Radical Pantheist: Evangelical Power in Georgia

This election has highlighted a fundamental problem with the way democracy works in the state of Georgia and with the way democracy works in general. When democracy is...


Radical Pantheist: Indigenous Peoples' Day, Why & How to Celebrate

ndigenous Peoples' Day is a holiday contested by many, but it is one that should be recognized and respected by all. The reality of the human condition is that bad things...


The Radical Pantheist: The Highest High (Marijuana in Religion)

When people think of weed in a religious context, many might focus on modern Rastafarianism in Jamacia, sometimes reducing the religion to simplistic stereotypes. Consumption of...


Radical Pantheist: Money is the One God you Shouldn't Worship

In the United States, the link between capitalism and religion is strong, validating the idea that money is a form of God. Many social critics have drawn comparisons between...


Radical Pantheist: Asatru, Building Temples and Breaking Barriers

Asatru is growing, and its members are honoring the old gods by opposing the hate groups who are appropriating their symbology. Iceland's first Pagan temple in 1000 years is...


The Radical Pantheist: Queer Magic & Tomás Prower

In every culture and religion, queer people are a minority, and it is imperative that we work across religious and national barriers to create a world where everyone can exist...

It's Going Down

It's Going Down

Making Monsters: Pony Ma, the "Communist" Billionaire - It's Going Down

Ma Huateng, also known as Pony Ma, is the second richest man in China, according to the Forbes World's Billionaires list, which also lists him as the 21st richest person in the...

It's Going Down

Making Monsters: James Cox Kennedy - It's Going Down

James (Jim) Cox Kennedy is the 70-year-old ex-chairman of Cox Enterprises, a media and automobile conglomerate. The company was started by Kennedy's grandfather, James M Cox,...

It's Going Down

Making Monsters: Ronald Perelman - It's Going Down

There are over 2 thousand billionaires in the world, and many of them enjoy luxurious lives without facing the consequences of their greed. This column aims to change that. In...

The Sentinel

The Sentinel

KSU DACA recipient renews after 2017 conundrum - The Sentinel

Imagine working hard your entire life to have your dreams taken away because of where you come from. This was the reality faced by KSU student Tony Albarca just last year as he...

The Sentinel

Student activist propels #TakeAKneeKSU forward - The Sentinel

Standing up for what you believe in isn't always easy, especially when it means standing up to those in control of your education. There is a long and untold history of student...

The Sentinel

OPINION: KSU has failed transgender students - The Sentinel

Kennesaw State's recent decision to remove university logos from LGBTQ pamphlets hurts transgender and gender non-binary students as it is indicative of a problematic history of...

The Sentinel

Country star inspired by her KSU experience - The Sentinel

After spending a year at KSU, Cyndi Thomson went on to use her experiences as inspiration for her musical career. In fact, Thomson reached number one on the country charts in...