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Lucy Gordon

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“As for writing, most people secretly believe they themselves have a book in them, which they would write if they could only find the time. And there’s some truth to this notion. A lot of people do have a book in them – that is, they have had an experience that other people might want to read about. But that is not the same as ‘being a writer,'" Margaret Atwood

Gillette’s New Ad: Progressive Politics or Anti-Male Propaganda?

If reputation is everything, can British Airways survive this latest data breach? It seems that the British public can't go a mere month without another scandal hitting the headlines. This week we're delving into the latest financial breach at the expense of British Airways and their customers, as we investigate how (and if) one of the nation's most iconic brands can recover from such a highly publicised scandal.

The Vault Magazine
The Fake News Phenomenon

A magazine article based on the hot topic of the decade - the fake news phenomenon. The article takes a look at steps brands are taking to tackle the issue and the future of media consumption. How much are we able to trust?

Has Fyre Festival burned influencer marketing?

Fyre Festival – where high expectation (caused great marketing) met a horrendous reality. Despite the absolute mess, the team at Brandlective believe there are a few lessons to be learned from the whole debacle. Let’s dive in.

Champtronix Web Copy

Website content for a direct sales and marketing agency based in Watford, London

7 Web Analytic Terms You Need to Understand

Everyone knows that website analytics are important, but we admit they can be a bit overwhelming. There's SO MUCH information, but do you need all of it? To help you (and us) gain some clarity, we've compiled a list of 7 terms and how to understand them.

Nebula Inc
Nebula Inc aims for the stars in Nottingham Marketing Scene

Nebula Inc is Nottingham's stratospheric new marketing agency set to open in the coming weeks. With the bold statement that their agency is 'where stars are made', the sales and marketing specialists release a statement on what makes them shine brighter than the competition.