Lora Rivera

Writer, Editor, Collaborator, Storyteller, E-Learning Developer

Lora Rivera hails from the University of Arizona with an MFA in Creative Writing. Her passion is to tell emotionally impacting stories that foster the kind of curiosity that drives action. She has found a home in the Sonoran Desert. It's monsooning here, and so smells electric of wet creosote, thin and far-off lightning, and blowing duff. Her published works run the gamut from fiction and poetry to lyric essay.

The Journey: Post-MFA, her internship at Claire Gerus Literary Agency catapulted her into a position as Associate Agent. Since 2008, she has worked largely for nonprofits and small businesses as a writer, editor, collaborator and communicator. She is equally adept at writing for the web and inter-organizational messaging as she is at long-form creative copy. She was the Senior Writer for Aviva’s Life Book Program from 2009 to 2013, and is presently the Senior E-Learning Developer at Ridgewood Interactive Communications.

She likes: prickly and soft things, rocks and climbing on them, people and connecting to them, milk in steam or cream form, and tiny ferns because they are old and slow to evolve and so must be very wise. Extracurricularly, she juggles: Vice Presidency of a nonprofit climbing organization, novelling, and penning a collection of desert-themed vignettes.


Six Things That Stuck (PDF download)
Issue 9
"Simple Currency" & "The View from the See-Through Part"
All genres are created equal.
Undressed, A Portrait
The jacket is the first thing to go. Turn on the heat, and a good hard hike up two flights of stairs to the classroom makes for two blushed cheeks, and spreading arms pull off...
Morning on the Shell Trade Route: Aboriginal Potsherd (Exact Origin Unknown)
You are standing where an earthen vessel shattered and became the land once dissolved in hungry tongues of basalt grown still red-black boils roil and burst...
Penning the Nasty / Creed
Mysterious machines, mangy coyotes, mad professors, murder sprees, bacterial puppet-masters, Clara Bow, Bettie Page, Bloody Mary, cool devils, cheerleaders from Hell, the ghost...
"Into This Being Here" and "On Un-Becoming" (PDF Download)
Last night, while you slept, steam still curling from the teacup on your nightstand, we moved in the stillness that had descended upon the trail.
Reentry Meditation by Lora Rivera
She stands in the grove, in the pecan tree's shadow, looks up - there the nest and there the silent crow. A slice of the first quarter moon sifts through black branches. And...
Fourteenth Issue
I never pass through Oak Ridge without visiting the old house. I invent excuses, hairdresser and nail appointments, implausible runs to the grocery store. I point to yard sale...
A cappella Zoo 3: "Calling Rain," by Lora Rivera - A cappella Zoo
a web & print magazine of magic realism & slipstream

Voiceover / Audio Narration

Audio Stories - Issue 2
Three stories, each in 66 words exactly. Endless possibilities. Graduation, Adriana, and First Contact.
Audio Series 1
Five stories, each in 66 words exactly. Endless possibilities.
Fundamentals 1 (an E-Learning instructional video)


The Only Way Out is Deeper In
"The only way out," he said grandly, "when you've outed yourself that badly, is deeper in." We were at the table by this time, soaking up the booze with Sonoran poutine: Tater...
It happens sooner now. Your feet are steadier than they once were as you boulder-hop downstream between high canyon walls. You pass through splashes of sunlight and shade. You...
Pulling the Roof
Forget the rope. Forget the slight ledge beneath my feet. Forget the sinking sky. Monsoon season. I feel the wind pick up. Forget it. Forget the voice of my belayer, encouraging...
Diagramming Fiction
Ever wondered the difference between genre and literary fiction? Here's a helpful tool I stole from grad school. It's a bit simplistic, but I find it useful as a starting point....

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