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United States

I am a writer specializing in content writing, copywriting, and grant writing, as well as learning design and product development. My background includes journalism and all kinds of other writing (PR/marketing copywriting, book authorship, creative writing, technical writing, business writing, education writing, and more), as well as in product design, creation and development, learning program design. I was also a School Psychologist for several years. My subject specialties include mental health, wellness, education, consumer products, and more.

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Kids Clothing Online Store Website
Website Copy

Website copy for an online children's clothing store. Includes copy for home page, about us, FAQ, category descriptions, etc.

Career Interest Workbook
Career Exploration Packet

Career development, career interest, career exploration activity, information, and workbook for students

Useful Guide and Workbook for Business Planning
Business Planner Workbook

Resource for anyone starting a business, helps them to plan out all aspects of their business

Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Materials for Teachers, Schools, Therapists
Social Skills Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Complete learning bundle (curriculum, lessons, lesson plans, materials, activities) for teaching students Social Skills.

How-To Guide, Workbook, Manual
Adulting with ADHD

Useful life skills guidebook, workbook, and resources for Adults with ADHD

Website Content & Learning Materials Creation
Enrichment Source

Here are several learning materials I created -- programs, curriculum, lessons & materials for schools / educators, mental health & wellness professionals, practitioners, & companies, and individuals with ADHD.

Children's Clothing Store
Product Descriptions

Product descriptions for an online children's clothing boutique

Autism Parenting Magazine
Introducing an Exciting New Board Game That Promotes Social Skills

Having good manners is an important social skill everyone needs. Most of us know that it's not acceptable to push someone out of the way to get what we want, to cut in front of a line, to talk loudly on a cell phone during a movie, to talk with our mouths full, or to [...]

Kabana Kids Baby Products
Product Catalog

Wholesale catalog for a baby product line.

School District Newsletter
Newsletter Writing

Written content for educational, school district newsletter

Personality Profile Magazine Article
Magazine Article

Personality profile article on Lee Iacocca for Primo Magazine

Chamber of Commerce Annual Report
Annual Report

Research, strategizing, planning, assembling, and writing all content for Annual Report for a Chamber of Commerce

Enrichment Source
Enrichment Source Blog

Information about ADHD, learning disabilities, life improvement, self improvement, parenting, education, pyschologist, child development, self care, mental health, wellness, creativity, and more!