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Billie Eilish had the crowd wrapped around her finger

At just sixteen years old, Billie Eilish had the sold-out El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles wrapped around her finger. Eager teenagers that mimic her iconic style belted every lyric with an unmatched passion. The "Wheres My Mind Tour" set began with her band shooting "1 Billie-on" dollar bills at the crowd with Supreme brand money guns.

Bishop Briggs makes you feel something with every song

Bishop Briggs is a perfect harmony of dark and light, intense lyrics and sharp musicality with the brightness of her personality shining through. She has an eerily powerful presence unmatched by any artist I have seen to date. Briggs forcefully catapults herself across the stage throughout the set, connecting with virtually every individual in the crowd.

15 year old phenomenon Billie Eilish sold-out show in Boston

Fifteen-year-old phenomenon Billie Eilish played a sold-out show at the Sonia in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Thursday night. The saucy track "COPYCAT" off of her debut EP, began her electric set. Billie Eilish effortlessly grooved and belted, her crowd shouting the clever lyrics back at her. "I'm sorry, sorry-sike!"

Maggie Rogers makes L.A. debut to a sold out crowd

During her hour long set, Rogers spoke of how surreal it was to play such a historic venue. The Troubadour is known as a birthplace of some the greatest artists and sounds. It is an older building that shakes with a heavy base and has an upstairs bar that is reminiscent of a tiki hut.

Diary of Teenage Beauty Lover

A look inside the diary of a teen who really knows her stuff when it comes to makeup. Photo courtesy of the author. I'm an LA girl born and raised and I live for music and fashion.