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Apps For Parents To Monitor Social Media

If you are the parent of a child over the age of 13, you know that social media is a big part of any teenager's life. This is also true where the lives of many younger kids are...

Review by lindsey_flagg -- Four Funny Potatoes!


iPhone Location Tracking App

Are you ever worried about where your child is spending his or her time? Do you find yourself feeling stressed when you think about what could happen if your child became lost?...


Parental Control Browser

Do you know what your child is being exposed to online each day? From porn sites to internet scams to online bullying, the number of threats that kids can run into while...

Valley Perinatal

Announcing the Arrival of Dr. Stephanie Hedstrom, MFM in South Arizona - Valley Perinatal

At Arizona's V alley Perinatal Services, we are very excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Stephanie Hedstrom, MFM in South Arizona. She will provide her medical services at...

Valley Perinatal

World Prematurity Day - Valley Perinatal

November 17 is World Prematurity Day. It is observed in order to raise global awareness of prematurity, which is now considered a global health crisis. On this day,...

Valley Perinatal

Quintuplets: Most Common Pregnancy Questions - Valley Perinatal

There are few joys that are more powerful than the delight that comes when you learn you are pregnant. For many expecting mothers, finding out that you are not having just one,...


The Tied House beer coaster that traveled to the Space Station and back!

It all started with a NASA astronaut. Captain Altman and his crew were regulars at the Tied House microbrewery in Mountain View, located just a few miles from nearby NASA Ames...


Four Positive Sentences to Improve Your Life - POSITIVE WORDS RESEARCH

Have you taken a moment recently to think about the power of the words you say? Too often, we say words and sentences that are very careless or even hurtful, either to others or...


How different is Mexican food served in the Bay Area to that in Mexico?

If you live in California and the Bay Area, you probably eat Mexican food regularly. But have you ever wondered how the Mexican food you eat in the Bay might be different to...


The growing problem of homelessness in the Bay Area

To date, over 6,000 people are homeless in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay area. In fact, San Francisco is second to New York City in homelessness density by land mass. So...


Mike Posner's "Song About You:" A Discussion

I have been a Mike Posner fan since I was in high school, which was when I first heard his now famous single, "Cooler Than Me." I was sitting in my Honors Algebra class back in...


3 Reasons to Take a Break

You need to take a break every so often. Here's why.


3 credit card safety tips everyone needs to know

Whether you just signed up for your first line of credit or are a more experienced card holder, it is important to understand the value of keeping your financial information...

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Revenetix on Twitter

Prior authorization can be stressful - Revenetix can take the load off of your staff. #fixpriorauth #patientsoverpaperwork


Elara Systems - VR, AR & 3D Animations

A clip from Elara's opioid animation video was featured in the new documentary "Heroin's Grip." #medicalanimation


Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours

Book a tour with us for an immersive cultural experience fit for families, adventurers & world travelers alike. #antelopecanyontour