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Lilly Nightshade is a mental health blogger and mother of an autist. She recently earned a BA in Sociology from the Arkansas State University-Jonesboro. When she isn’t working, Lilly can be found reading, writing, or having serious discussions with her son about appropriate social behavior.

Healing Melanin's
Flower Power

A few days ago, there was an unexpected break in the weather. Since it was nice enough for walking, I paid a visit to the local botanical garden. The 79-acre space is covered with beautiful and well-maintained plant life. There are locally grown plants as well as those grown in more tropical climates.

Healing Melanin's

America should be doing better. People are suffering and it seems as if no one cares. When I was a child, my mother never refused to help anyone that expressed a need. There was always an aunt or cousin staying in our extra room. We fed anyone that came to our door.

Spoken Black Girl Magazine
The Floor isn't Really Lava: Jumping Again When Falling is Easier

As I lay on the floor crying, my only thought was "What the hell are you doing?" I probably shouldn't have been on the floor. It's hard and it makes your ribs hurt if you lay there too long. No one should spend any serious time on the floor without sex or yoga (or both) involved.

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