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The Biggest Differences Between Germany And The UK

Every expat talks about "culture shock" when moving to a new country, but it's not something I considered when moving to Germany to work for InterNations from the UK almost a year ago. I'd visited the country eight times and studied the language for nine years before relocating, so thought I was pretty aux fait with the culture.


6 Tips for Your First Backpacking Vacation

Whether you're exploring Southeast Asia, or interrailing through Europe, backpacking is a popular, fun, and affordable way to see the world. However, this type of traveling can also be stressful, especially as things don't always go to plan. These six tips should help you to avoid, or resolve, such problems, and get the most out...

4 Easy Ways to Be a More Environmentally Friendly Traveler

While tourism can bring much-needed money to underdeveloped areas, our beloved vacations can also wreak havoc on the environment. From pollutive ferry trips to indirectly contributing towards deforestation, tourists damage natural habitats in a variety of ways. Recent research has even suggested that tourism could account for eight percent of all greenhouse emissions: that's nearly...

My Honest Opinion About 7 Popular Destinations in Southeast Asia

Planning a trip to Southeast Asia can be pretty overwhelming. I should know: I've done it myself! There are hundreds of possible stop-off points, countless popular landmarks, and so much tasty food to try. That's why I've listed my opinions about seven of the region's most-visited towns and cities.


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Four Fabulous Seaside Towns in Essex - Snaptrip

Essex has more to offer than just night clubs and tanning salons: it's home to some of the most scenic seaside towns in the country. While some of these towns technically lie on estuaries rather than oceans, all of them offer beautiful beaches and soothing waves for locals and visitors alike.

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InterNations Blog
Why Your Long-Distance Relationship Might Be Better Than You Think

When I moved to Germany from the UK last July, I knew that leaving behind my long-term boyfriend would be one of the hardest challenges to overcome. Although I was to move back home after a year, saying goodbye to him was one of the most emotional experiences I've ever had.

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