Leah Abraham

Reporter / Writer / Storyteller

United States of America

Leah is a storyteller + writer + journalist + creative + empathizing romantic + pessimistic realist + ISFP + Enneagram type 2 + much more. She lives in the Seattle area where she works a community newspaper reporter.

Bonus facts: She loves the great indoors, hates to floss, and is obsessed with Korean food and her dorky, immigrant family.

Renton Reporter
Teenage dancer pirouettes behind parents's footsteps | Renton Reporter

Danil Zinovyev, 13, following in the footsteps of his ballet dancing parents, stars in Emerald Ballet Theater's "The Nutcracker" as the Nutcracker and Snow Prince. (Leah Abraham | Renton Reporter) Following the footsteps of parents can be tough. When your parents wear pointe shoes and are renowned ballet dancers, pirouetting behind their footsteps can be exceptionally difficult.

Renton Reporter
Lessons from city council meetings | Renton Reporter

OUR CORNER On Mondays, you'll likely find me sitting in the back row of the Renton City Council chambers, listening to the a city council discuss local politics. I listen to committee presentations, public comments, special hearings and the chitter chatter of every day city dealings.

Renton Reporter
City issues stop work order on Tiffany Park development | Renton Reporter

The highly contentious Tiffany Park neighborhood development Allura (also known as the Reserve) hit a major roadblock last week. The city issued a stop work order to the developers - Henley Homes - after finding two protected trees were removed from the site located on the 3200 block of Southeast 18th Street.

SheLoves Magazine
Teach Me How to Age Well - SheLoves Magazine

To the women in my life, Please don't be afraid of aging. I know you're weary of stretch marks and wrinkled skin and saggy boobs. I know you strategically drape your sarees to cover your belly, and constantly keep checking to see if your shirt covers your flabby arms. I see you restocking products that ...

Renton Reporter
Sharing Renton's rock n roll legacy - Renton Reporter

Bonnie Fitzgerald collects old, broken guitars, repairs them and gives them to kids at no cost. "One moment," cries the animated woman, adorned in a Seahawks jersey, matching blue nails, bright blond hair and an even brighter grin. Bonnie Fitzgerald makes her way to the door of her home and opens it to a 14-year-old who is accompanied by his foster mother.

Renton Reporter
All eyes on Renton-based potato messaging business - Renton Reporter

Jim Owens, co-0wner of MysteryPotato.com, says that 'some of the messages are really touching.' Two weeks ago, Jeff Kelly and Jim Owens had to buy 300 potatoes. Then another 200 potatoes the next day. Ever since a Buzzfeed article about their spud-based messaging business went live on Jan.

2 Local Exhibits Celebrate African-American Fashion and Beauty

Bellevue Arts Museum and Northwest African American Museum feature must-see shows. See both with one ticket Two new exhibits in town celebrate the depth and beauty of African-American culture. The first, Inspiring Beauty at Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM), honors five decades of fashion in magazine; the second, Posing Beauty at Northwest African American Museum (NAAM), asks what it means to be beautiful in American society.

Renton Reporter
Lindbergh's robotics team ready to roll - Renton Reporter

Jamie Costales leads members of the Lindbergh FIRST robotics team in a discussion as they prepare for this year's competition. It may be a Friday night, but the robotics team is still at school, frantically preparing in the workshop hidden in the labyrinth that is Lindbergh High School.

Renton Reporter
Senior center prepares for generational switch - Renton Reporter

On Jan. 1, 2011, the oldest members of the baby boom generation - people born between 1946 and 1964 - celebrated their 65th birthday. This year, those members will celebrate their 70th birthdays and the tail-end boomers will begin to move into their mid-50s.