Layla Cray

Writing Student

Location icon United Kingdom

20-year-old Layla Cray fell into writing recently. After dedicating most of her life to the pursuit of an acting career, she felt stagnant and directionless, and so chose to turn to her other great love of fiction. Having been an avid reader since childhood - and an enthusiastic writer throughout her school life - she decided to pick up a pen and figure out what exactly it was about those books that she loved so much.

She currently studies Creative Writing as an undergraduate and hopes to one day do narrative development and writing for games.

Water With Words

3 stanza poetry made from the first 3 paragraphs of 3 different news stories.

Falmouth University
Rebuild, Renew

A short story revolving around themes of sanctuary, safety, and place.

Falmouth University
The Letter

A letter from a woman to her husband, stationed overseas, in 1863.

Falmouth University
Like Wildflowers

A descriptive piece based on the woodland opposite my family home.

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