Lauren Mallalieu

Content Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

Hi there, I'm Lauren. I'm here to help express your brand's personality and message, by producing unique content.

With four years of copywriting and marketing experience, I know how important it is to create copy and content that will not only resonate with your audience but will also convert them into happy customers.

In my most recent role as Digital Marketing Manager for a digital media company, I planned and executed multi-channel marketing strategies, focusing on content and email as primary ways to engage their audience.

I've worked with many different types of businesses, both B2B and B2C, from Christian dating websites to business development experts. I've also created and maintained my own website ( where I share craft tutorials and reviews with an online community of makers.

My Skills:

Digital Marketing
SEO best principles
Proofreading and editing

Please contact me on [email protected] to discuss any opportunities.

The Millennial Woman Online
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"However, rather than being the leader of this trend, this time it's designers who are the followers, responding to the movement among us, the consumers, to get with the times and wise up."
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The Millennial Woman Online
Regular Articles - The Millennial Woman Online

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"Lauren (right of picture) is our Digital Comms Manager here at Angloinfo HQ, joining us from Birmingham (yes she does have the accent). She's responsible for writing our weekly newsletters and eDMs - and ensuring that everything goes according to plan."

Oliver Billson Marketing
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