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A woman of many words.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Hypothetical campaign I created for the copywriting course I took at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Climate Change Nebraska
Two of 21st Century's Most Toxic Words

(Article I wrote for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's in-depth reporting project) Two of 21st Century's Most Toxic Words Why climate change has become political By: Lauren Dietrich Thirteen letters. Two simple words. Yet when uttered, these words can explode, ignite, create bitter divisions. Alienate. Infuriate. Castigate. State Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks can't use these two words on the floor of the Nebraska State Legislature.
After almost a year in the hospital, Sterling toddler nearly ready to go home

(Newspaper article I wrote for the Lincoln Journal Star) Eighteen-month-old Emery McVicker has not been home in almost a year. For the past nine months, she's been at Ambassador Health of Omaha because of the right side of her heart failing. Emery was born with a hole in her diaphragm, a condition known as congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH), and has had to undergo several medical procedures since she was born.

Nebraska Public Media
Nebraska College Students Say Remote Learning Affected Their Experience

(Article written and produced for Nebraska Public Media radio station) Reflecting back on the past year, many students attending Nebraska universities found their college education wasn't quite the same because of the pandemic. Remote classes became the norm as students learned from their homes instead of the classroom.
Nebraska chaplain serves soldiers returning from Afghanistan

(Newspaper article I wrote for the Lincoln Journal Star) Someone had to be the one to say it. On Aug. 30, it was United States soldiers who were the ones to break the news: The planes were full. No more refugees could be taken out of Afghanistan. "Part of their frustration, I imagine, is that they probably would have wanted to do more.
Lincoln small-business owner promotes self-acceptance through e-commerce site

(Newspaper article I wrote for the Lincoln Journal Star) In 2017, Nia Patterson bought a bathing suit for the first time in five years, the first two-piece since childhood. After getting out of treatment for an eating disorder in 2017, Patterson began the journey to body positivity while simultaneously going viral on social media.
Stride Autism Centers to open Lincoln location next month

(Newspaper article I wrote for the Lincoln Journal Star) Brad Zelinger has two identities: One shaped by his background in the business world and the other shaped by his sister's autism disorder. He combined his knowledge in the two subjects to create Stride Autism Centers less than two years ago, and has opened several locations across the Midwest.
Vietnam veteran says free dental work is first honor for service in 50 years

(Newspaper article I wrote for the Lincoln Journal Star) In 1969, an airport employee told 25-year-old Larry Brown he might be spat on if he wore his Army uniform in public. After serving 12 months in Vietnam, Brown certainly was not patted on the back for his service. Brown said he learned quickly that putting the words "Vietnam veteran" on his resume would be a huge mistake.