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Laura Rebecca is writer, teacher, and tattooed bunny wrangler originally from NY and currently living in LA. She teaches yoga, drinks coffee, and writes about fitness, technology, health, and culture. Wanna support my coffee addiction?

A love letter to the print edition of the Village Voice (RIP)

The inevitability of growing old is that everything in your life eventually becomes the stuff of nostalgia. This is me holding the last print issue of the Village Voice. It was mailed to my home in Los Angeles by a writer friend who now lives in New York whom I met shortly after I first arrived in LA five years ago.

Chegg Play
Writing a Research Paper: Getting Started | Chegg Play

In my last blog post, I offered some suggestions on how to choose a research paper topic. In this post, we'll look at some of challenges you might face when starting a draft, as well as ways to overcome those challenges.

My latest technology tools

"It takes 66 days to develop a new habit." My friend Danice has been encouraging me to post more about technology, since according to her I'm "ahead

Ode to a Pencil - The Scribery Co. - Medium

I can never seem to hang on to a decent pen. I lose them, I misplace them; I leave one unattended for two seconds and suddenly someone has commandeered it. A pen is not simply a pen. Use a crappy pen, and see what I mean.

5 ways to start a digital detox - Laura Rebecca - Medium

I recently did a 48 hour digital detox ( read about it here). The motivation for this was a desire to stop consuming so much via my cell phone, and hopefully start creating more. Based on a LOT of research I did (and my own field trials), here are 5 ways I found to effectively ease into a digital detox...

The Truth about Entrepreneurship and why it sucks

"People out here talking about owning a successful business like it's as easy as owning a 🐶 puppy. "--Gary Vaynerhuck @garyvee My father was an Entrepreneur. Spoiler alert: the most valuable lesson I learned from my father is that entrepreneurship is not easy, and does not necessarily equate freedom.

I AM... Laura

I first learned about the power of my voice while performing in theater as a young girl; I noticed that it was the only time people would listen to me. I became obsessed with theater from then on, and loved the ability to become other people through various roles.
Why Yin Yoga?

In a world that rewards and celebrates constant movement, why are so many turning to a practice that relies on stillness for full benefit? While fitness classes and hybrid yoga/workout classes are still very popular, more and more yoga studios are offering yin yoga classes...and these classes and filling up.

Why I believe the new wave of meal replacements are the future of our diet.

Hear me out. Most of my life, I didn't give much thought to meal replacements or supplement drinks/shakes; I just never seemed, in my mind, to fit into the category that they were intended for. MetRX was for bodybuilders. Ensure was for seniors. Slimfast was for those who wanted to lose weight.

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