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4 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Went Natural - Black Hair Information

It's been almost 6 years since my first Big Chop, and I have some things I wished I knew when I first started my natural hair journey. Like most of us naturals and transitioners, I did my research, but it is as they say, "Sometimes, experience is the best teacher."

Natural Haircare News
Alicia Keys Sports Braids Decorated with Gold Cuffs

Everyone knows braids and Alicia Keys go together like peanut butter and jelly. Recently, Mrs. Keys posted three Instagram photos of her hair in small rubber band sections that went into two braids. The sections and braids were decorated with gold cuffs. The singer wore a beautiful white blouse, hoop earrings, and pearly whites to match.

Aborigines and Melanesians: Naturally Blonde Hair and Dark Skin

Naturally blonde hair is often associated with white or Caucasian people. However, there are groups of dark skin people who have naturally blonde hair also. Some of these groups include the Aboriginal Australians (Aborigines) and the Melanesians. I love this fact because it goes against the idea that one group or culture must look a certain way or stay in a certain category.

My Interview with Lisa Arrindell Anderson on Her Natural Hair

Lisa Arrindell Anderson has acted in several movies including " Livin' Large","A Lesson Before Dying", "Disappearing Acts", and "Madea's Family Reunion". She has also played in many television shows and plays. This week I was blessed with the privilege of interviewing her about her lovely tresses.

Natural Hair Tales of 1BlessedNatural | Blog Magazine

The Natural Hair Tales of 1BlessedNatural magazine blog was created by LaToya A. Harris a.k.a. 1BlessedNatural. Her blog is a natural hair information, news, culture, and entertainment blog. It traces her journey from permed to natural hair. Natural Hair Tales of 1BlessedNatural features natural hair art, inspiration, essays, articles, celebrity and fellow natural interviews, giveaways, and product reviews.

The Dove Hair "Love Your Curls" Commercial Will Break and Mend Your Heart!

Yesterday, Dove Hair launched the "Love Your Curls" campaign that featured a commercial that will make your heart melt! The commercial begins with heartbreaking interviews with 5 little girls who have kinky and curly hair. The little girls ages 5-11 state that they do not like their hair because they think straight hair is better...

How-To Articles

Natural Haircare News
5 Actions to Help Your Child Recover from a Negative Natural Hair Incident

It has become a common occurrence for children to be teased or sent home because of their natural hair. The psychological effects of these incidences on a child's self esteem can be devastating. This raises the question of what we should do as parents and caregivers to help them.

5 Tips for Overcoming Rejection in Freelance Writing

You sent this awesome pitch or article to a client. You're excited and sure it will be accepted. You check your email a week later only to find that it was rejected. You might've received an explanation for the rejection, but you don't care about that right now because your writer feelings are hurt!

Natural Haircare News
5 Ways to Make Money in the Natural Hair Industry

Do you love natural hair and want to make money in the industry? If so, there are several ways to get started on your dream! Here are 5 ways to make money in the natural hair industry: 1. Create yo...


The Praying Woman
All It Takes Is a Mustard Seed

Last week, I kept hearing a rustling sound behind me while I was jogging down a path. It wasn't a windy day, and I was alone. Every time, I would hear the sound, I'd stop and look behind me.

The Praying Woman
If You Prayed About it, Don't Stress About It!

So you've been stressed out...stressed out about your health, bills, kids, and/or career. The great thing is that you got on your knees and talked to God. You reminded Him of Peter 5:7 that says, "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you."



This week, I saw Jennifer Hudson in American Family Insurance's #Dreamfearlessly commercial. It originally aired during the Super Bowl, but I missed it. The thing that I found super cool about the commercial was that it's based on the "Nighthawks" painting by Edward Hopper.

Starbucks Gets Political |

When we think of coffee, we think of energy. We think of morning discussions and workloads. But, we are usually the ones who provide the content; we provide the words. This week, Starbucks coffee company exercised their right of freedom of speech and creativity when they decided to use their coffee cups as a platform to express political unity, opinion, and influence.