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Writer, editor and translator

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Tesco Magazine

In Season: January Harvest

Feature article highlighting seasonal winter produce.

Wonderpedia Magazine

Hive of Activity

On the footsteps of the Gurung honey hunters in the Nepalese foothills.

Wonderpedia Magazine

Waking The Dead: The Incredible Physics of Cryonics

Feature article on the physics of cryonic freezing


Press Release

Press release communications for sustainable food waste app. New MyFoodways users are asked to enter their likes, dislikes and dietary preferences, so that the app can dish...

Tesco Magazine

October Harvest

Highlighting seasonal produce in October.

Wonderpedia Magazine

The Mother of All Medicine

Feature article on Henrietta Lacks for popular science magazine.

Wonderpedia Magazine

Bonfire of the Vanities

Feature article highlighting ivory trafficking.