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My Hudson Valley
Warmer and higher: climate change's impact on our rivers

Water is an essential part of our community. Over 100,000 residents use the Hudson River estuary as a source of drinking water. It is the backbone of many Hudson Valley towns and cities. While pollution from agricultural and commercial runoff are well-known threats to water, lesser known is the detriment climate change is having on the Hudson River and its tributaries.

Shared Justice
Clean Water and the Environmental Justice Movement

Arthur Horwitz, co-chair of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, said during the investigation, "We are not suggesting that those making decisions related to this crisis were racists, or meant to treat Flint any differently because it is a community of color.

New Owners Dedicate Sweet Peas Café to Veterans

Photos by Lauren Berg "Come sit in my living room," said Sweet Peas Café's new owner Nina Baldassare, motioning to several comfy chairs surrounding a coffee table and Christmas tree. Nina often sits with customers and knows the regulars by name, despite recently acquiring ownership of the café with her partner John Zippo in August 2018.

My Hudson Valley
Town of Newburgh introduces tree preservation law

Town of Newburgh councilman James Presutti introduced a local law at the town board March 25 meeting that would advocate for tree preservation and protection in future development projects. Presutti, an arborist himself, was unhappy with the clear-cutting of the 122-acre property across from the Newburgh Mall.

10 Plants to Help You Grow Your Own Butterfly Garden

Photo by Sue McGowan Do you want to create a butterfly garden, but don't know where to start? Now is the perfect time of year to make that garden a reality. Twin Ponds Greenhouse owner Sue McGowan, who has run the family business in Montgomery alongside her husband Tom for the past 23 years, shares her top butterfly plant picks.

The Newburgh Coffee Shop Where #EveryoneSmilesHere

Photo Courtesy of Melanie Collins, Blacc Vanilla The City of Newburgh has seen a number of new shops and restaurants pop up over the last few years, transforming Liberty Street into a must-see Hudson Valley destination.

Can Someone Really Be Pro-Life And Republican?

There are few issues that have such divisive labels like abortion. Pro-life or pro-choice. It is one that closely toes the party line, one that can make or break a candidate regardless of her other views or qualifications. And, I've noticed, the abortion argument is often used by Republicans who wish to derail discussions on other issues that involve lives.

The Huffington Post
The No Paper Challenge: What If We Wrapped Gifts Sustainably?

Each new year I resolve to live my life a little more sustainably: keep the reusable shopping bags in the car, look for fair trade coffee, and just try to avoid buying stuff I don't need. But I'm a sucker for Christmas, and the holiday shopping season is my kryptonite.