Daniel Kollar

A Communications Consultant with some sense of humor. My strenghts are campaign planning and management, Hungarian and English copywriting, alongside research tasks such as deep interviews and service design workshops.

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A few clients...

New Wave Media Group

2017 was the year when native advertising hit the reaching point in Hungary and flourished through the local web. I was tasked to help New Wave Media, a major online media outlet, to start off their own native studio and being the creative guy behind several high-quality reference campaigns. So did I, making such content campaigns for Samsung, Red Bull and the movie Bladerunner, among others.


Suzuki wanted a fresh air around their brand in Hungary. We approached them "I Love Suzuki", a multi-tool platform that pretty much functioned as an ongoing online magazine with video series, social media content and lifestyle articles. It's become one of the most popular subbrand throughout the Hungarian automotive communications field, with the Facebook followership beating competitors such as local BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

Design Terminal

As Design Terminal turned their focus on their Mentoring Program, they needed a new, upbeat tone for their social communication. I provided bilingual copywriting and content creation (English and Hungarian) for them. Fast forward a few years, I still maintain a working relationship with these guys, having done multiple communications and research projects with company group members Brain Bar and CreaCity also.

OMV Hungary

OMV Hungary set up a new social media team in 2018, where I worked as a copywriter. My tasks were included creating Facebook content, microsite copies, video concepts and translations.


Profession felt they needed some fresh blood in their online presence, therefore ordered a year long content marketing campaign, focusing on social media and unique, storytelling videos. I created tons of scripts and other written content for the brand over a year.

NN Insurance

NN made a truly innovative insurance product called Protect.me, an on-demand insurance application designed for multiple hundreds of sport types. I was responsible for creating a user-friendly, yet pragmatic UX copy throughout the application. It was first introduced to the Hungarian market, with future adaptations around Western-Europe.


Leading Hungarian furniture design and event marketing company Mobilsofa reached out for creating a 360 degree marketing strategy that is feasible for their upcoming business years. I mostly work within online frame, but this consulting project included several offline and BTL tools as well.

K&H Bank and Insurance

K&H, a major player in the Hungarian banking and insurance market, gave a brief for an all-round lifestyle content campaign around their products. At the end, more than 50 SEO-friendly articles were written in 8 categories.


An up-and-coming Hungarian digital health startup, Fitpuli approached me to help them create a brand identity that reflects their ambitious domestic and international B2B sales goals. A long term communications strategy was put in place, with several operative activities and tools following like social media, animation videos and written medicine content, among others.

... and some projects

Bladerunner / Warner Bros
The Great Nerd Takeover

A native article about the geek culture's Hollywood takeover and prophecies of sci-fi classics, apropos of the Bladerunner 2049 premiere.

8 Hours in Budapest

2 movie directors had 8 hours to shoot their own independent short films about Budapest, with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device, in this branded content activity.

Educational Comics
Prisoners of Gulag

An educational comic book for high-schoolers, partly based on the lives of Gulag survivors Father Placid and Guszt√°v Menczer. 800 schools received the comics throughout Hungary.