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Kaela Morin

Write. Polish. Perfect.

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One of my first memories is of learning to spell. I had those old school tracing booklets, where you drew your first letters instead of writing them. I was three. It was bad.

My penmanship still isn't great. But I've spent enough time around words and language to know what works, what doesn't, and how to make both much, much better.

why this site exists | outofthecomfortzone

I didn't find it by accident. I was purposely searching for tips and tricks on how to reach my goals, improve myself, and stay motivated. At 26, I had hit a rut. When I wasn't working or going to school, I was trading novelty and effort for convenience.


Poetry: Kaela Morin

The water grass cleaves the black bay into pieces.Yellow, a violent green, dead brown- this bright stroke of prose ispaint wielded like a weapon. But what is written there to the plains of blue air and the ripping wind that molds the water? Love, you have fine taste.


The Dryden Observer
Let the be Blocks

New Prospect's Mini Putt Fundraiser on May 17 was a hit, said grade 3/4 teacher Theresa Lambert. The school had put on the open gold challenge in the school's gym to raise money to buy Keva Planks—wooden blocks of varying shapes, sizes and volumes meant to teach students how to measure and build structures.

The Dryden Observer
Black and White and Poppy Red All Over

Tuesday, May 21 marked the award ceremony for the first of a hopefully annual event at the Dryden Legion. The Remembrance Day Poster and Literary Contest is a Canada-wide contest for primary, public and high school students and has been hosted yearly by The Royal Canadian Legion since 2003.

The Dryden Observer
Let the Good Times Roll

The Law Enforcement Torch Run (LERT) committee scored big Saturday, May 25 at the first ever Anything 80s Bowling fundraiser at Timberlanes, pulling in an impressive $4,791 and some of the best 80s dress Dryden could offer.

The Dryden Observer
Power through Pain

Mother's Day may have been the weekend's focus but the main event on Saturday, May 11 was the Farm Strong Classic, an open Strongman competition that took place in the Agriculture Centre Barn.

The Dryden Observer
Neither a light nor a comfortable story

Dryden's Theatre 17 and director Judith Hamilton set a new standard of entertainment and performance last weekend with a compelling production of Tracy Lett's dark comedy-drama, "August: Osage County".

The Dryden Observer
Who's Driving the Bus?

Four days a week, Dennis Desjardins, Denise Szachury and their two daughters do the unthinkable: the turn off all their screens. No TV, no video games, no phones and no computer at home Monday to Thursday.

The Dryden Observer
Annual Open Barn

The gloomy and wet Easter weekend Saturday did little to dissuade Dryden's and the surrounding area's residents from going out and enjoying spring—particularly, spring at Egli's Sheep Farm.

The Dryden Observer
Anything but a Good Friday

In the early morning on April 19, Dryden's once fashionable TransCanada Motel and Restaurant caught fire and burned down despite the Dryden Fire Service's and the Oxdrift Volunteer Fire Department's prompt response and best efforts to preserve the building.An

The Dryden Observer
In Recognition and Celebration

In the early morning of April 9, 1917, in the thick of World War I, four divisions of the Canadian Corps came together for the first time in an organized strike against Germany's 6th Army to take back Vimy Ridge: a 145 metre high, seven kilometre tract of land in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of northern France.

The Dryden Observer
Workshopping Mindfulness

Earlier this month, Andrew Terhoch, RMT, visited Dryden's Best Western and delivered his 'Carefiving with Mindfulness Workshop' curriculum, a professional development workshop for hospice workers, volunteers and other caregivers.

The Dryden Observer
Country Still Kickin'

Kinkin' Country launched its 13th annual concert Saturday, April 6, at the Centre with eight entertaining local country acts with proceeds going to the DHS Music Association.

The Dryden Observer
A Night at the Orchestra

Dryden had a taste of classical—and not-so-classical—music last Wednesday evening as the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (TBSO) vistired the Dryden Performing Arts Centre.

The Dryden Observer
The Puck Stops Here

Last Wednesday, the Woodland Arena in Vermillion Bay hosted this year's annual KPDSB Dryden area Hockey Canada Skills Academy (HCSA) Jamboree, giving 120 Academy elementary students from Open Roads, New Prospect, Lillian Berg and Dryden High School an opportunity to show off their hockey skills.

The Dryden Observer
Not your Grandparent's Food Guide

This month the Government of Canada released a new Food Guide based on 2018's Food, Nutrients and Health: Interim Evidence Update by Health Canada.

The Dryden Observer
Subzero Snow Drag

On Sunday, the view from the Flying Club offered your typical Dryden January scene on the Wabigoon: an expanse of crisp snow streaked with sled tracks, ice shacks spread along the ice road, bright sunshine, blue skies, and a biting temperature on -42 degrees with the wind chill.

The Dryden Observer
Drone Rules to Change in June

Summer is still a few months away, but recreational and non-recreational drone pilots should be aware of the new drone rules issued from Transport Canada effective June 1.

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