Kevin Griffiths

Content Specialist

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Content writer for Zywave's P&C team. Topics range in scope from annual commercial insurance outlooks to Twitter posts for marketing.

Contact: [email protected]

Insurance brokers
2019 P&C Market Outlook

It’s easy for policyholders to feel as if the forces determining their insurance rates are beyond their control. That’s why it’s critical they know how their premium is calculated, what trends influence the market and what they can do to get the best price possible. The 2019 P&C Market Outlook can help your clients understand these and other findings.

Insurance brokers
Social Media Cheat Sheet Personal Lines - November 2018

This month's Social Media Cheat Sheet includes posts for winter vehicle storage, turkey fryer safety and home care tips for the cold and flu. This information is for brokers only and is not meant to be distributed.

Insurance brokers
Contract Guide: Transferring Risk and Liability

Once you’re ready to sign a contract it can be tempting to look right at the dotted line and ignore all of the legal jargon. However, you need to know what you’re signing and how it affects the amount of risk you’re accepting. Use this guide to understand how to transfer risk using contractual provisions and help ensure your organization won’t be caught in an unexpected dispute.

Insurance brokers
Broker Brief P&C - November 2018

November's Broker Brief looks at new cyber resources and other noteworthy additions to Broker Briefcase, such as an article on 2018's most common OSHA citations and content for employees who work alone. NOTE: This reference piece is not meant for client distribution.

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