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Kimberly M. Aquilina


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I am a journalist with diverse experience as a section editor, writer, reporter, breaking news editor, copy editor, multimedia director, supervisor and training manager.

I am a web reporter for Metro US, which covers New York City, Boston and Philadelphia in print and online.

Celebrities aren't the only targets of stalkers: Victim

Noor Sandhu was a 14-year-old tennis player, a private person and probably the only teenager without some form of social media. Yet she was the victim of a stalker. "A lot of people only think of stalking as only a celebrity being stalked. I think that's the biggest misconception," Sandhu said.

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Stephen Karam: From Scranton High School to Broadway

Anyone who is a Seinfeld fan might remember Sardi's in New York from "The Summer of George," where Kramer meets with producers who want him to fire Raquel Welch. Theater fans might know it as the birthplace of the Tony Awards. Other might know it for its caricature-lined walls.

Food shortages in New York City causing families to fall off 'hunger cliff'

As the holidays fill our homes with family, friends and food, there are some who struggle - not just to make a holiday meal special - but to find something to eat every day. A new study cites cuts in food stamp benefits as one cause of the "hunger cliff," from which families in the city dangle.

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Juicing vs. Smoothies: The Experts Weigh In - The Leaf

It's morning. You're ready to start your day off right. You've heard all about promises of clear skin, a happy colon and the deluge of toxins rushing out of your body and it's all awaiting you at the other end of that magnificent machine.

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Everhart Speakeasy

The Everhart Museum's Downtown Speakeasy Tour Calling all daddies and dames, sheiks and shebas! Time to get spiffy in your flapper finery and discover the secret speakeasy history of Scranton. Drawing inspiration from a current exhibit, "To Your Health!

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World Cup Crazy

Soccer Madness Strikes the 570 The FIFA World Cup is taking over the 570. If you're a sports fan, the World Cup is your wedding night. If you aren't a sports fan, you still might catch the bouquet. Eight groups consisting of four countries each compete to become the world champion in the biggest international sport.

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Asteroid Attacks and Other Near-Earth Objects an Imminent Threat? Harvard Scientist Says We Are...

Asteroids – incalculable in number – and comets travel in space and, at times, come alarmingly close to Earth. NASA has started a program to keep an eye on these near-Earth objects. But even if we detect one, are we prepared to avoid a colossal collision? HNGN spoke to astrophysicist John L. Remo about it all – and his answer might scare you.

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Graduation Day for Child Care Entrepreneurs

The graduates received their certificates from Councilman Donovan Richards and Albee Mascal, chief of staff for Senator James Sanders Jr. The graduating class included Letitia Hayes, Omoyemi Masaku, Omolade Odumosu, Temitope Taiwo, Connie Thornton and Faye Walker. Walker’s husband, Nathaniel, received a certificate for completing the child development portion of the 13-week course.

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Highway 81 Revisited

Despite claiming he was "pretty lousy" when he started playing guitar at age 8, G. Love (born in Philadelphia as Garrett Dutton) has created a form of trashcan blues melded with hip-hop. If you've ever hoped for a Bob Dylan/Run D.M.C. collaboration, be sure to check out the Mushroom Stage at 6 p.m.

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