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I'm a trained journalist with a penchant for lifestyle writing. My work includes profiles, articles, blog posts, and marketing material for B2B audiences as well as the general public.

I'm a lover of travel, knitting, and sport, and while I don't (usually) get the opportunity to focus on those topics in particular, I'm always searching for new opportunities.



Mortgage Professional America
Homeowners are demanding more power-solar power, that is

Americans looking to buy new homes aren't just interested in granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, abundant closet space, and a white picket fence. They want solar panels on their roofs. A recent poll shows that 70% of American adults would support a nationwide mandate requiring solar panels to be installed on all newly built homes.

Mortgage Professional America
Affordability crisis puts homeownership in decline

In the second quarter, the homeownership rate for all Americans fell to the lowest since 2017, and the number of new homeowner households grew by only 585,000, a third of the year-earlier level and the fewest since 2006. The numbers are particularly discouraging for black homeownership.

Mortgage Professional America
Women rising

There's nothing remarkable about women in the mortgage industry. Been there, done that. There are, however, more and more women who coming to the forefront and stepping into the top tier of the field.

Which Mortgage Canada
Tiny house, tiny mortgage? Which Mortgage Canada

You may think that getting a tiny house and having a mortgage are mutually exclusive. But you'd be wrong - not all tiny houses are dirt cheap, and some of the people who are most likely to buy them aren't necessarily in a position to pay for them in cash.

Zoocasa Life
Are Mortgage Interest Rates Set to Rise?

For years, experts have been warning about a rise in interest rates. And yet, as the years have gone by, interest rates have continued their steady decline.


Lifestyles Magazine
Life Lessons

Pencils of Promise Founder Adam Braun talks education, travel, and living a life of purpose.

Lifestyles Magazine
Angel in the Outfield

Jose Bautista helps young athletes get a chance at a better future -- on and off the field.

Lifestyles Magazine
The Doctor is All In

The camera-ready, scrubbed-up, totally normal life of Dr. Sanjay Gupta.


Toasted Cheese Literary Journal

It seemed like such a simple concept, really. Grab some essentials, toss them into a bag, and leave. Leaving was the important part. Everything else could be sorted later.

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