Kieran Dickson

Content Strategist

United Kingdom

A creator, strategist, and producer with a proven track record of crafting compelling content experiences across start-ups, TV networks, and major entertainment IPs.


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COMET TV Sci-fi Network
The 10 Best Episodes of Stargate SG-1 - COMET TV Sci-fi Network's Editor, Kieran Dickson, picks the 10 episodes of Stargate's flagship show that mean the most to him. Let us know in the comments which episodes you can't get enough of. Working with Stargate every day is an absolute joy. Not only does the franchise have some of the best fans in all of...

COMET TV Sci-fi Network
Space Out With COMET on Our New Roku and Apple TV Apps - COMET TV Sci-fi Network

There are now more ways to watch COMET's brilliant Sci-Fi collection than ever before because starting today, you can stream COMET TV for free on our new Apple TV and Roku apps. Our new apps will include live playback of our regular broadcast, but with the added benefit of having integrated program and scheduling...

NASA Is Recruiting the Next Generation of Astronauts - Here's What You Need to Apply

It's something that you've likely dreamed about doing throughout your life, but have you ever considered the reality of becoming a real-life astronaut? Well, now might be the time, because NASA just announced that it's recruiting astronauts for what might be one of the most exciting periods in space exploration history.

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