Kevin Wilkes

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

I'm a freelance writer, originally from the rustbelt city of Pittsburgh, who has lived in China for five years and traveled over East Asia. I have taught English Literature for five years in many settings including a Juvenile Detention Center in Colorado and an AP Center in Chengdu, China. These experiences have informed my worldview, and I distill my perspective into every piece I write.

I am a lover of language and literary fiction and nonfiction, and I combine my influences into a unique style. From the historical insights of Yuval Noah Harari and the cultural observations and Douglas Murray — to the winding sentences of David Foster Wallace and Virginia Woolf, I blend the utilitarian with the creative and spark my readers with a renewed fascination of linguistic expression and form.

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Elevating Women in Art - The F Word: We Mean Female!

"The F Word: We Mean Female!" exhibition at the Hunter Museum of American Art-hosted on the one hundredth anniversary of the 19th amendment, which guaranteed women's suffrage-is an exploration of the female experience through an international curation of sculptures, paintings, collages, and installations.