Kendra Kuhar

Digital Marketing Manager, Discovery Place

Location icon United States

Kendra Kuhar writes compelling copy for a family of non-profit science museums in the Carolinas. She has experience writing non-fiction work focused on aviation and petroleum, and can tell you exactly how a complex system works in a way you'll understand.

Kendra lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her love of science dates back to college where she conducted research in biology while pursuing a degree in English.

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Dive into the Internet's Undersea Cables

Posted by Kendra Kuhar on Today's internet connection is essentially wireless and can be used in almost any location through wi-fi hotspots. Phones, tablets, and laptop companies often advertise on platforms relating to instant access to social media, faster internet connection, and even devices with their own wi-fi network installed into cars.

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The Kodiak Queen: A Naval Ship's New Life

Posted by Kendra Kuhar on In Spring 2017, British businessman Richard Branson intentionally sunk a decorated naval ship, the Kodiak Queen (previously the YO-44) off the shore of Virgin Gorda, a part of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The ship's purpose shifted from supplying fuel for ships to supplying an eco-system for marine life.

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Here's Why Aircraft Tires Don't Pop When Landing

Posted by Kendra Kuhar on Landing a commercial aircraft smoothly can be challenging. Factors such as how experienced the pilot is and whether there are crosswinds can make or break a landing. If the pilot isn't highly experienced and there are crosswinds on a short landing, the passengers may be uneasy as soon as the wheels touch down.

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Hurricane Hunters: Weathering the Storm for Data

Posted by Kendra Kuhar on In the wake of hurricane season, you may have heard of the "Hurricane Hunters" and wondered, why anyone would go towards a hurricane rather than away from it? Well, there's good reason pilots fly into the eye of the storm--to collect accessible data for public officials.

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G-Forces: A Matter of Acceleration

Posted by Kendra Kuhar on If you've ever ridden a roller coaster, you may have felt a sense of weightlessness followed by abrupt heaviness. Going over bumps, through corkscrews, and around loops nearing a speed of 100 mph contributes to all those sensations-it's also why you may feel a little queasy after getting off the ride.

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Oil: Bowling's Slick, Invisible Superhero

Posted by Kendra Kuhar on The first time you went bowling, you may have noticed the ball slide down the lane without spinning. As a child, you may have thought Wow I'm pretty good, I can easily bowl a 300. Well, I've got news for you the reason the bowling ball moved so quickly is because of oil.

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