Kendall Fuhrman

USC Senior: International Relations Global Business and Communication Design

Location icon United States of America

Adrenaline junkie passionate about traveling, tech, design, and gender equality.

School of International Relations
Gender Inequality and Development Research Paper

This paper addresses whether gender equality and economic growth are linked, by exploring gender equity within the realm of education, work and pay and by comparing these three factors between countries with low and high GDP per capita. Grade Received: A

Marshall School of Business
TED TALK: Ethics of Product Design

This mock Ted Talk addresses the issues of addictive and manipulative product designs and suggests ways we as product designers can keep each other accountable for ethically designed apps. Grade Received: A

Marshall School of Business
Artificial Intelligence - Taking over the world?

This article breaks down the future of AI in simple terms and allows the reader to understand the basic concepts behind the technology. This would most likely be found in Wired. Grade Received: A

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