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Catfishing and Careers: Why Employer Branding is Like Dating Online

We used to say "first impressions matter." And they still do. But now the first impression is actually more of a pre-impression. Whether we're looking for a car, a spouse, a job, or a new pair of shoes, we go online to learn as much as possible about, well ...

Another Piggyback? Parenting and Your Spine

Another Piggyback? Parenting and Your Spine By Krista Elliott When we think about parenthood's effects on our spine, we might first think of pregnancy ...Read More Battle of the Sexes: Are our Joints Different? By Krista Elliott Biology is an amazing topic.

Manual Labor and Your Back

A lot of discussion is held around poor posture and back pain for office workers and other professionals. But what if your desk is a toolbox, or a tractor? Millions of people have jobs that involve a considerable amount of physical labor.

Making Strides In Big Shoes

Stepping into someone else's shoes can feel awkward, but WBLI's Craig Maloney will be doing it with style. Craig will be taking over as the lead of WBLI's Corporate Finance/Mergers & Acquisitions group, replacing Partner Brad Langille, who will remain with the firm as a key member of the M&A team.


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Strength In Numbers With WBLI And DFK International | WBLI Chartered Accountants

WBLI has long been a proud independent member of DFK Canada, an association of independent accounting firms and business advisors. That pride is only continuing to grow, with DFK Canada's recent ranking as the number one accounting association in Canada, as reported in The Bottom Line's review of accounting firms and associations.