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'Game of Thrones' Is Even Whiter Than You Think - VICE

Game of Thrones , HBO's massively popular fantasy series, is catching flak again. Despite the addition of supporting cast members over the past few seasons, actor David Oyelowo recently criticized the show's lack of diverse main characters, saying there was "no excuse" for it.

The Public Medievalist
Game of Thrones' Medieval Crap

Talk about "Same Shit, Different Day". In the Season 7 opener of Game of Thrones, poor Sam learns the hard way-in a stomach-turning montage-that manure is serious business in Westeros. This is just as it was in the Middle Ages, and, interestingly, continues to be to this very day.

On The Bastard Executioner's Bastardized Middle Ages

Let's be clear about this as you digest the pilot episode: The Bastard Executioner isn't about the Middle Ages. First: The early fourteenth century in England and along the Welsh border was a thriving time. Populations were higher than they would be for nearly two hundred years, until Shakespeare's day.

Atlas Obscura
Why 19th-Century Americans Drank From Coconut Shells

In 1876, an American journalist describing coconut palms casually observed that "all of us have doubtless drunk from the cocoanut dipper made by sawing off the top of the shell, and riveting a wooden handle to the cup." Drinking from coconuts or their shells may be a foreign experience for most Americans today.

From Portrait to Landscape

Until this week I had not seen the 1993 movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape. The film debuted the year I left my rural home, and was eating seven dollars' worth of groceries a week, while adjusting to major life changes like sidewalks, and college. There was no money left over for movies.