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Kailyn Despotakis

Student at The Ohio State University

Location icon United States

My name is Kailyn Despotakis and I recently graduated from The Ohio State University. I studied strategic communication and minored in general business. I have been teaching English as a second language in Hanoi, Vietnam for the past few months and I am now looking to start my career here in the United States.

I hope to end up working in any sort of marketing profession, but I do not care what branch of communications I end up in as long as I am happy.

Public Communication Campaign
Crimson Cup Campaign

I am in no way affiliated with Crimson Cup Coffee and Tea. This is a Public Communications Campaign I completed with my classmates during the Autumn semester of 2018.

School of Communication
Faculty Spotlight: Lanier Holt

Relatively new to the Ohio State University and the city of Columbus itself, Lanier F. Holt finds himself combining his passion for teaching with his research expertise. From working at the World Headquarters for Honeywell, to freelancing and working at the Chicago Tribune, Holt has strong experience in many aspects of communication.

Strategic Media Planning
IKEA Media Plan

I am in no way affiliated with IKEA. This was a project I created along with some of my classmates during the Spring semester of 2018.

School of Communication
Graduate Student Spotlight: Megan Vendemia

From earning her MBA to completing internships with an NBC-TV affiliate and at Harrods in London, graduate student Megan Vendemia, now finds herself teaching and conducting research at The Ohio State University. Vendemia's research focuses on communication technology and how affordances of newer media shape people's impressions of other people, places and products.

Fact Sheet
Company Profile

I am in no way affiliated with the Arena District. I wrote this article for a class.

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