Kacey Flynn

Freelance Writer


Luminous being composed of crude matter. Comics and Prose.
Pronouns: She/They Professional E-mail: [email protected]


A short 9 page comic about a culinary secret agent

Black Hole Comics and Entertainment
The Silent Ranger

A really fun post-post apocalyptic story I wrote for Black Hole.

Black Hole Comics and Entertainment
The Yaksha

A story I was comissioned for by the fantastic company Black Hole. They are a new company focused on diverse voices and I was not only happy but proud to be able to contribute to their first line of stories. The Yaksha is about a young woman trained to hunt monsters. After arriving at a small town she realizes that the beast she was hired to kill is not the only monster lurking within the town walls.

Infected With Hope (Life Finds a Way)

My first published piece within the wonderful Life Finds a Way anthology put out by Cloudscape Comics. An anthology centered on hope in post-apocalyptic worlds.