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8 Obvious Lies That People Believed For Waaay Too Long

Hey, remember that wacky story of the lady who was removed from her job at the NAACP because it turned out she was white and pretending to be black for years? When a story like this hits, everybody scratches their head and says, "But how did it take people so long to figure it out?"

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11 Signs You and Your BFF Know Too Much About Each Other

When it comes to you and your bestie, nothing comes in between! But sometimes, you two know just a little bit too much about each other. Whether it's your crush or someone you don't like, you can still talk to your BFF about them even when they're right next to you.

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10 Things You Can Do to Lose Weight Throughout the Week

We know staying fit during the week can be hard, especially for a busy collegiette like you. The best way to make sure you're on top of your fitness game is to start early! Here are 10 different things you can do so you can be energized and focused during the week.

Mountain View Voice
Dancing through the past

Piece about vintage dance troupe based in Mountain View. Photo credit Brandon Chew.

Assorted News and Humor

Mountain View Voice
Much more than a pet

Feature story about woman's experiences with service dog. Photo credit Michelle Le

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Finally, You Can 'Love' Something on Facebook

Facebook looks like they're taking a page from Buzzfeed with the new 'like' button. If you hover your mouse over the 'like' button on someone's post, six different options appear with accompanying emojis: "Like," "Love," "Haha," "Wow," "Sad" and "Angry."

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There Could Be Up to 4,000 Indigenous Women Missing and Murdered in Canada

In Canada, up to 4,000 indigenous women are estimated to be missing or murdered, according to research from the Native Women's Association of Canada. The country's Minister for the Status of Women, Patricia Hajdu, said that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 2014 estimate of 1,200 is highly inaccurate.

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This New Doll May Just Inspire The 'Next Generation of Leaders'

Can a doll change the world? That's what Neha Chauhan Woodward wants to do with her Kickstarter project, Willowbrook Girls: Dolls for the Next Generation of Leaders. The Willowbrook Girls are a book and doll series that will consist of seven characters, a diverse group of fifth grade girls who start a small business together.

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How to REALLY Use Social Media to Get Hired

When you think of social media in terms of careers, LinkedIn is probably the first network that comes to mind. But as social media becomes more and more prevalent in every aspect of our lives, it seems like lots of other platforms are suddenly relevant to the hiring process.

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15 Experiences All Vegetarians Go Through on Thanksgiving

You won't get me this time, bacon bits! But you get to watch them all lose money as you pass each of their estimates. Fluffy, delicious stuffing beats dead bird any day. And you're always proud when you're right about how much they'd love it.

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What It's Like to Toe the Line Between Butch & Femme

It can be pretty hard to accept your identity as an LGBTQ+ collegiette. A lot of times, there is an expectation for lesbians to fall into one of two categories: butch or femme. If you don't quite fit either one, this can be pretty distressing and make you feel invalidated.

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It Might Be Easier to Get the Zika Virus Through Sex Than Previously Thought

The Zika virus, which made headlines a few weeks ago when the virus was first found to be possibly sexually transmitted, might have a higher possibility of being passed through sex than previously thought. Previously, the virus was thought to be spread almost exclusively by mosquitos, but new cases suggest otherwise.

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Could A Single Drop of Blood Be Enough to Detect Cancer?

Could the entire cancer detection process be streamlined to testing just a single drop of blood? That's what Dutch researchers at the VU University Medical Cancer Center in Amsterdam are saying. Their new study reports that they have found a way to detect cancer using one drop of blood, according to ScienceDump.

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Emerson College Student is in Trouble For Renting Out Dorm Room on Airbnb

Housing costs on campus can be high, but don't try funding it this way-or you could end up in some serious hot water. Jack Worth, a 19-year-old sophomore at Emerson College, listed his Boston dorm room for rent on the travel site Airbnb, and could be facing consequences as severe as losing his spot at the university, according to the Washington Times.

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15 Signs You Stopped Caring a Long Time Ago

After a while, some of the things that used to matter to you just sort of stopped being important. Sometimes, that can be a good thing (and other times, not so much). Let's be honest -- a bunch of people in your lecture hall actually bothered getting dressed in the morning just to fall asleep.

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15 Signs You DGAF About Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's day. Love is in the air. The birds are singing; the flowers are blooming, and you--Well, you literally couldn't care less. Here are 15 signs that you DGAF about Cupid's holiday! They know Easter isn't for a while, right? But hey, you can always take your pajamas and laptop to the library!

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15 Reasons You Should Date an English Major

Maybe they'll forget other things, but just wait to read/hear them gush about how breathtaking you looked in that flowing maroon dress with the ruffled seams on your first date. But you might have to deal with constant corrections or overly-perfect grammar. It's "you're* cute," honey. They always stop and smell the roses...

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Mexican Supreme Court: Marijuana Ban is Unconstitutional

In a 4-1 decision, the Mexican Supreme Court took a step towards possible marijuana legalization on Thursday. Four plaintiffs won their case arguing for the right to hold their marijuana club, the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Personal Consumption. The Supreme Court declared that in this case, banning the possession, sale and use of marijuana was unconstitutional.

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Amazon Expands Maternity Leave and Introduces Paternity Leave

Amazon, previously under fire after a New York Times exposé accused the retailer of having terrible working conditions, took a step Monday to improve their reputation. The company announced that they would be offering up to 20 weeks of maternity leave for birth mothers, compared to eight weeks under their previous policy, according to the Seattle Times.

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8 Birth Control Mistakes You Might Be Making

When it comes to birth control, things can get pretty complicated. With so many different forms and methods out there, how's a girl to know exactly what each one does and how it works--or doesn't work? Here are some common birth control mistakes that you might be making.

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Presidential Candidates Respond to the San Bernardino Shooting

Tragedy hit San Bernardino, Calif. on Wednesday, when 14 people were killed and more were injured at the Inland Regional Center. Most of the Presidential candidates have responded to the shooting. Here's what they had to say: Bernie Sanders framed his comments on the shooting around the idea of gun control measures.

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19 Things Only the Chronically Late Will Understand

"...That is, if I even make it out of bed in the next half hour." But you mean it this time! ...Okay, or maybe once or twice more. That way, you might just manage to be a couple minutes late instead of twenty. And you'll keep downloading them for the rest of your life...

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20 Signs You're A Proud Vegetarian

You made the decision to quit eating meat, and whether it was last week or ten years ago, you're glad you did it! Here are 20 signs that you take pride in leaving meat off of your plate. Yeah, animal farming practices and slaughter methods are awful and inhumane.

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Marco Rubio Wants Hillary Clinton to Say We're At War with "Radical Islam"

On Sunday, Marco Rubio said in an interview with ABC that he felt Hillary Clinton was wrong for not stating that the United States was at war with "radical Islam." He was referring to her comments about the war on terror and her statement that jihadists do not represent the entire Nation of Islam.

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Donald Trump Says Burkas Are a Way to Avoid Putting on Makeup

At a New Hampshire rally on Tuesday, Donald Trump managed to make some very sexist comments while attempting to explain his ideas on freedom in other countries. First he said he felt it was against the United States' best interests to attempt to change foreign laws requiring women to wear burkas.

Mountain View Voice
LAHS names new assistant principal

News Los Altos High School will have a new assistant principal, Suzanne Woolfolk, beginning this July. She taught Spanish and English language development at Hillsdale High School, and was the adviser for their nationally-ranked yearbook. After that, she was the assistant principal at Burlingame and San Mateo high schools for seven years.

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California High School Gets Their First Transgender Cheerleader

Denair High School's cheerleading squad just got their first transgender member-and she couldn't be more excited! At the start of the season, Anry publicly identified as male, Cosmopolitan reports. When she made the decision to transition, she got her team together and let them all know at once.

Mountain View Voice
Local home values take big jump

News - June 13, 2014 by Kayla Layaoen Mountain View homeowners can rejoice, as the assessed value of their properties has risen 21.3 percent since 2012. In a study by the Santa Clara County Assessor's Office that included 70,000 properties that had previously seen their assessed values reduced, each of the county's 25 neighborhoods showed increases between 2012 and 2013.

Press Briefs

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Tune into 'Mayhem'

Third story on page. Brief about local radio station's special programming.

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Theatre: Marry Me A Little

Fourth story on page. Preview for upcoming theatre production "Marry Me A Little."

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Mother's Day at CSMA

Local community art school hosts music-writing workshop, Mother's Day concert.