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Katie Yacharn

Writer, Content Strategist

Location icon United States

I'm a storyteller. Listening and sharing stories that matter is what makes me tick. Connecting audiences to content that is relevant and helpful is my goal in any endeavor from personal to professional.

I'm skilled with communications, social media, focusing on creating impactful content and meeting KPIs. I develop key messages and stories while focused on authenticity, brand vision, and building an engaged audience. I'm especially experienced in non-profit association and Catholic ministry work.

This isn't necessarily a skill but I'm personable and friendly and work to bring teams together authentically.

Specialties include: content development, social media and content marketing, content strategy, working in groups

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Why You Need To Watch Voltron Season 6

Take a Chance on this Loving Reboot By Netflix and DreamWorks You know, when I say Vol, you say Tron? Voltron? If you haven't seen Voltron Legendary Defender yet, well get ready to binge one of the most dynamic and well-executed reboots of a beloved cartoon to date.

Catholic Diocese of Arlington
Mindful Gratitude

By: Kathleen Yacharn This week, in light of Thanksgiving and inspired by Bishop Paul S. Loverde's challenge in his Arlington Catholic Herald column to be mindful of the good things in our lives, the Encourage & Teach blog will focus on intentional gratitude and thanksgiving for the many ways we are blessed in our daily lives...

Catholic Diocese of Arlington
How Can We Feed the Hungry in Arlington?

By: Kathleen Yacharn As Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington prepares for The St. Lucy Project grand opening, Sherri Longhill, Program Director of Emergency Assistance and St. Lucy Project, and Catherine Hassinger, Director of Community Services at the Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington, made time to talk with me about local food insecurity in the diocese,...

Catholic Diocese of Arlington
Rules for Genuine Friendships

By: Kathleen Yacharn Are you there for your friends? I mean, when times are tough, when you see someone struggling, or when you hear news of bad things happening to good people, do you call them? If a friend has been job-searching for months and hasn't found a thing, do you pay attention?