Katie Tatham

Writer, Digital Marketer, Content Specialist


Hi, welcome to my portfolio!
I'm an experienced writer across industries, including food and hospitality, travel and tech. My strong writing skills allow me to seamlessly switch from a cheeky travel piece for Betches to ghostwriting for a software engineer.

My background in content marketing means I know SEO, CMS management, and the tech industry. As a freelancer, I’m a self-starter, highly organized and detail-oriented. I love to collaborate, learn, and tell compelling stories.

My favourite activities include travel and cooking with a glass of wine in hand, for balance. If you're looking for an experienced writer to assist with your web copy, blog, articles, social media or email marketing, let's chat!

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As coronavirus cases climb in the United States, American passports appear to be losing their value. But America is GREAT AGAIN, haven't you heard? Thanks, Donny! As if a raging pandemic, lack of accessible healthcare, and systemic racism weren't enough, you can say au revoir to your European summer holiday, as well as vacations in ...

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Summer is slipping away before our very eyes, and we're left wondering if it was ever here at all. It's safe to say summer 2020 has not gone as planned considering Americans basically can't leave the country, masks have replaced bikinis as the season's must-have item, and the most exciting thing to happen in August ...

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Social Media Marketing for Beginners - Essential Tips for Optimal Results

There's no doubt that social media marketing is an important part of your digital strategy, particularly in 2020. The challenge is balancing your time and efforts while ensuring you are seeing engagement and growth. Paid social can be highly targeted and when done well will absolutely grow an audience and convert traffic.