Katie Skiff

Writer, Actor, Comedian

Location icon United States of America

I am a Brooklyn-based comedian, actor, and freelance writer, focusing on sharing my honest, gross, and scary personal experiences, ie health problems, moving struggles, dating catastrophes, etc.

An Inconvenient Talk Show - Election Night

This monthly talk show - featuring Rollie Williams as "Al Gore" - highlights the importance of paying attention to climate change and global warming, with a comedic twist.

The 5 Love Languages | Holiday Gifts

What do you buy for a loved one at Christmastime, especially when you have no idea what he or she wants? Not surprisingly, no one gift works for everyone. That said, the receiver's interests should only be a small part of the equation that helps you decide on a gift for your special someone; their love language says much more.

Inside the Barbershop | A Night of Comedy

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"The Upstater's Experience: The Move" by Katie Patrick

It's roughly one o'clock AM on June 29 th, 2014, as I stand in a tangled mass of arms attempting to keep an entire window pane from falling onto a small gathering of laughing, cat-calling onlookers two stories below. This is the result of what should have been the simple process of restoring a popped-out window screen to its rightful place.

The Upstater's Experience: The Mouse

When my roommate mentioned that she bought humane sticky traps for our unwelcome guests, I didn't think much of it. That is, until I found myself alone in the apartment, enjoying some Netflix and Chips Ahoy, and heard mysterious shuffling noises coming from the kitchen.

The Upstater's Experience: The Little Things

It is so easy to get caught up in, and overwhelmed by, the glamour of New York. Once you have lived in the city for an extended period of time the golden shimmer starts to melt into shiny paint over long stretches of concrete and rust.

The Upstater's Experience: Not Everyone is Upstate

I flatter myself to think that I am a relatively frequent traveler. I take some small pride in being able to say that, aside from spending the first eighteen years of my life calling the same small town "home," I have lived in North Carolina, spent summers in Virginia and South Carolina, visited sixteen states outside of my own (with every intention of expanding that list quickly), and dabbled in international travel.

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