Katie Conibear

Freelance Writer

United Kingdom

Mental health writer. Founder of Mind To Paper, providing mental health writing workshops.

"How my tattoo saved me from suicide"

This time last year was rough. I was going through a really bad patch. Not just feeling "a bit down", or "sorry for myself". It wasn't something a pint of ice cream and a night on the sofa watching trashy telly would fix. I was depressed in a way I'd never felt before.

BBC Three
How my bipolar landed me in crippling debt - BBC Three

N/A As part of BBC Three's Debt Week, Katie Conibear talks about the impact the condition has had on her life. Before my diagnosis of bipolar, I thought my rapid and extreme mood swings were just me, just a part of my personality.

HuffPost UK
I'll Keep Talking About Psychosis - Whether It's Relatable Or Not

I suffer from psychosis. I have auditory hallucinations, so I hear voices, either when I'm manic or depressed. It took me a long time, over a decade in fact, to face up to this reality. I was in denial that I heard voices, and convinced myself it was something everyone experienced.

Having bipolar doesn't mean I'll go home with you

It's true that with bipolar disorder, especially during a manic episode (when you're flying high and feel that nothing and no one can stop you), many sufferers have an increased sex drive. Your libido can feel off the charts compared to what you're used to.

Happiful Magazine
Warning Signs of a Depressive Episode

Depression is sneaky, often creeping up on you when you least expect it. But it's also illogical, and can strike us when we're at our happiest. Being aware of the warning signs to watch out for could be crucial in making sure you get help and support sooner than later

My Label and Me: Being called a psycho stopped me talking about my mental health

I've lived with psychosis for 14 years. I have auditory hallucinations, so I hear voices and sounds that aren't really there. Sometimes I experience delusions where I end up believing wild and outlandish things about myself. Every so often I hear shrill voices desperately screaming, interspersed with aggressive, guttural shouts, both of which pierce my ears with their intensity.

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How to Manage Night-time Panic Attacks

With 13% of people experiencing a panic attack at some point in their lives, it seems a lot of us know how terrifying they can be. But for some, having them during the night can be another, overwhelming experience, and often very different to a panic attack during the day...

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How to Support Someone Who is Hearing Voices

Hearing voices comes in many guises. The voices can be comforting and neutral - but sometimes they can be terrifying. Hearing voices is common in some mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder. But you can hear voices without being mentally ill, such as when grieving.