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I’m a freelance content writer specialising in corporate writing for public-listed companies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and business/entrepreneurial and trade magazines. The types of corporate writing that I offer are for:

• Annual Reports / Reviews
• Organisational Management Framework Initiatives
• Company Profiles
• Interview articles for business/entrepreneurial magazines
• Articles for business coach (human capital, talent management, leadership development)

I also have commercial experience in the financial industry for 18 years, namely, with American Express (M) Sdn Bhd, AmBank (M) Berhad and Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad, in business planning, process improvement and project management roles. As such, I’m familiar with business documentation (manuals, flowcharts, standard operating procedures), compliance, talent development and management, and leadership development.

Additionally, I was a content writer for travel publications. I had contributed to travel magazines such as GoAsiaPlus and MalindoMag, and online portals such as Travel Wire Asia, Expedia and Zafigo.



Top 10 Asia
Expanding a Global Reach

Cover Story featuring Dato' Anthony Lim Kim Hai, CEO of KH Lim Group of Companies

Top 10 Malaysia Magazine
Stepping Up to Greater Success

For Enterprise Segment - article featuring real estate agency, Polygon Properties

CIDB Heights
Changing Mindsets with BIM

Careers: Interview with Andy Tiong, Senior Project Planning Consultant of PCSS Consultancy

OWL Digital Web Agency | Focus on Quality and Result | Owl.my
Company Profile for OWL Digital Web Agency

OWL Digital Web Agency is a web design KL based in Malaysia. From strategic planning, web system development, eCommerce, branding and creative development, marketing services to omni-channel integration, we help our clients to move business online as well as providing seamless shopping experience for their customers.


Travel Wire Asia
Experiences you should not miss in Varanasi

Varanasi is an ancient city of sages and gurus, travelers and traders that begins and ends with a sacred river - the Ganga (Ganges). Located in Uttar Pradesh, India, Varanasi or Benares is one of the holiest places in the world and is almost 5,000 years old.

Travel Wire Asia
What to expect when arriving in India for the first time

MOST of the things that you hear about India are true - the incessant honking, loud noises, massive crowds and traffic jams, pollution, filth and poverty, pungent smells, and vibrant colors. As such, it's completely understandable that you might feel apprehensive - not knowing what to expect from this land of incredible contrasts of sights and sounds.

Travel Wire Asia
Strategies for women to travel safely in India

THE experience of traveling in India is often described as most amazing, exhilarating, magical, and even life-changing for some. I love traveling in India and have made 10 trips there, and will be making another trip again soon.

Travel Wire Asia
Amazing spots for nature lovers in Sri Lanka

ALTHOUGH Sri Lanka is a small country, this teardrop-shaped island has no shortage of beautiful places - natural, historical and cultural - to explore. While a lot of focus is on the Unesco World Heritage Sites, comprising mostly ancient ruins and caves, there are amazing spots for nature lovers to enjoy picturesque landscape and panoramic vistas.

Travel Wire Asia
Our top picks of must-try foods in Sri Lanka

Coupled with a tropical climate that provides coconuts, vegetables, spices and fresh seafood in abundance, Sri Lankan food will surely tantalize your taste buds. So, get your taste buds ready (and your stomachs empty), for here are our top picks of must-try foods in Sri Lanka:

Travel Wire Asia
5 of Sri Lanka's most alluring, sun-kissed beaches

AFTER recovering from decades of civil war which ended in 2009 and the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, Sri Lanka has emerged tops as the destination for sun-kissed tropical beaches. Since Sri Lanka is an island, there are many beaches around but the beach hot spots are mostly located along the west and south coast where blue waters, surfing waves, and migrating whales can be enjoyed.

Travel Wire Asia
Here are the best world heritage sites in Sri Lanka

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean is blessed with ancient ruins and Buddhist temples, caves and mountains, forts and walled cities, and wilderness areas that seven of the best cultural and natural spots have been declared and listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Travel Wire Asia
Why you should travel to Amritsar

Amritsar is the spiritual and cultural center for the Sikh religion and has a strong heritage past as the city played an important role in India's independence. As far as foreign tourist arrivals in the country, Amritsar, however, does not rank as high as the famed Taj Mahal in Agra.

Travel Wire Asia
Tourist routes of Kashmir: Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg

AFTER many years of violence and border disputes between India and Pakistan, Kashmir - particularly Kashmir Valley - is making a comeback as a travel destination. Renowned for its snow-capped mountains, lush valley and gardens, Kashmir still ranks as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Travel Wire Asia
Here are the best places for tiger spotting in India

India is home to a number of wildlife conservation parks and being able to have a visual treat of tigers, lions, elephants, rhinoceros, leopards, crocodiles, deer and birds in their natural habitat is an experience of a lifetime especially for animal lovers.

Travel Wire Asia
The colored cities of Rajasthan

RAJASTHAN, the "Land of Kings," is the largest state in India and is renowned for its royal palaces, forts, and historic havelis (a traditional townhouse or mansion) built by feudal Rajput kingdoms. Millions of travelers are often spellbound by Rajasthan's extravagant palaces, monumental forts, frescoes and mirror work in havelis, finely-carved temples, luxurious heritage resorts, and the vast landscape of the Thar Desert.

Travel Wire Asia
The first-time traveler's guide to India's Golden Triangle

Many visitors often get a culture shock upon arriving in India but its rich history and heritage, vibrant colors, lively festivals, and diverse climates and landscapes leave them wanting more. If you've never been to India, the best way to discover the country is to through its Golden Triangle.

Expedia Malaysia Travel Blog
Guide to a Perfect Long Weekend in Redang Island - Travel Blog | Expedia

Two more long weekends left before 2019 comes! Not sure of where to go? Instead of running away from the hectic city lifestyle to another equally packed city, how about retreating to an island? My pick will be Pulau Redang. Rows of palm trees, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, colourful corals, turtles - ...

Travelling Solo For The First Time? Read This Before You Set Off!

have always travelled on my own. My solo adventures started during my university days in Australia and in the last two decades, I have been to 18 countries, with the majority being solo trips. I have travelled with friends but still prefer the freedom of exploring places all by myself.

4 Myths And Realities About Travelling In Iran

riends have always asked me where am I travelling next, and I'm usually happy to share and talk about my next destination. But there was one destination which I was reluctant to mention for I knew the questions coming my way, given the unusual choice of country: Iran.

New Straits Times Malaysia
Lure of Portugal

Kathleen Poon heads off to Portugal - whose early seafaring natives occupied her hometown of Melaka for 130 years - to savour its food, wine and music.

Malindo Mag (in-flight magazine of Malindo Air)
Malindomag August 2017

Top 5 Places in Nepal for Easy-Going Travellers (pages 24-26)

Shopping for the Seoul (pg 26-29)

Seoul is one of the best shopping destinations in Asia and is the place to shop for a variety of items from beauty products to fashionable clothes and traditional ceramics. Travel to Seoul with an empty suitcase because you are going to need all the space you can get.

In Real Life
Lifestyle Articles

Contributed articles on Career & Skills, Dating & Relationships, Motivational & Self-Help, Life & Everything Else.

Kat Pegi Mana: Where Is Kat Going?
Home | Kat Pegi Mana: Where Is Kat Going?

Welcome to Kat Pegi Mana: Where Is Kat Going, a travel blog (in English) featuring travels in Asia and beyond with focus on history, heritage, arts and culture. Kat Pegi Mana means "Where Is Kat Going" in the Malay language, and that is the question my friends always ask me, whenever we meet.

(GUEST POST) Kindness is Everywhere in Iran

My guest post submission for 'Kindness on the Road' series for Le Monde travel blog. It's about kindness and generosity that I had experienced while travelling in Iran.

(GUEST POST) This is Kathleen's Kolkata

My guest post submission to www.maverickbird.com on how Bengali-Indian films influenced my travels to Kolkata, and the city became my muse.

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