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Katherine Rigg

Marketing Coordinator & Editor

Location icon United Kingdom

I have experience running marketing campaigns, writing and proofreading copy. I have worked across the creative, heritage, non-profit and educational sectors.

MA (Hons, First Class), English
MA (Distinction) Text and Performance

Digital content: including blogs, web pages and social media.
Print content: including brochures, reports, fundraising applications and scripts.
Proofreading: applications, reports, brochures and manuscripts.
Website design, across Wordpress, Squarespace and Wix.

Walnut Tree Leather
The Slow Fashion Movement & Artisan Leather

In recent years, we have all become more aware of the environmental and human cost of our shopping habits. So how can artisanal leather help create a more sustainable future for fashion?

Tea Break Cards
Tea Break Cards

Send happy post, with our handmade and eco-friendly cards. Each unique design can be personalised for your occasion. Handmade in Hampshire, from recycled card and sustainable materials. Pick your occasion, and let's get personal!

Stages to Style
Stylish Homeware to Bring Spring Indoors

Whether we can be outside or not in the next few months, there are lots of little ways to bring this lighter and brighter season into the home. From opening the curtains earlier and the windows more often, to making the most of your garden or any windowsill space.

JMK Assistant Director Blog - Heather Carroll

"This bursary, and being an Assistant actually, is all about learning and collaborating. People won't lose respect for you if you don't know something but will if you just bulldoze through regardless." Heather Carroll reflects on working as the JMK Leverhulme Assistant Director on Future Bodies - a HOME Manchester and Unlimited co-production in collaboration with RashDash...

Cyphers UK
Students | Cyphers UK

Our university programme, Cyphers Create, is specifically designed to empower students to make their way into the industry. Based on our work with student groups and our own experiences, we've created a series of resources to help you make the transition from student to professional theatre.

Stages to Style
Beauty Treats for Sensitive Skin

For us sensitive skin folk, lockdown is an opportunity to test a change in our beauty routine without worrying about displaying a red face to the outside world the next day. So here's a couple of new things I've been using over the past few weeks.

Becoming an Assistant Director

Curious about how to get into a career as a theatre director? Or what it's like to work as an Assistant Director at a venue? Have a read of these useful interviews with our bursary recipients, and learn from their experiences to develop your career.

The JMK Trust
Support Theatre for Free with Online Shopping

It's free, easy and effective to support the JMK Trust whenever you shop online! Whether browsing on Amazon, or shopping via easyfundraising. Your purchase will support the next generation of theatre directors - without costing you an extra penny!

Culture Trip
Fashion On The Ration: 1940s Street Style at The Imperial War Museum

There are some widely known fashion war stories - the drawn-on lines for fake stockings, the smear of lipstick to boost morale. However, the Imperial War Museum's 'Fashion on the Ration: 1940s Street Style' gives an insight beyond the common tales. Let's explore...

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