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Kate Post

Editor & Writer

Location icon United States

Kate Post graduated summa cum laude from Murray State University in 2016 with a B.A. in English/Creative Writing and a minor in organizational communication. She has edited for Post Hill Press, Tax Notes, Writers Colony Press, and New Madrid Journal of Contemporary Literature. Her writing has appeared in newspapers, literary journals, websites, and anthologies.

Her philosophy as an artist and employee focuses on commas, content, and creativity. A passionate defender of the Oxford comma and the semicolon, Kate knows the rules and how to break them. She strives to produce quality content of many persuasions. Her current body of work includes poetry, blog posts, articles, short stories, and reports. Her creativity can be seen not only in the humorous tone that often frequents her pieces, but also in her slightly unorthodox editing methods. Hint: "red" and "ink" are 4-letter words.


Edited Works

Post Hill Press, Tax Analysts
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A list of books and publications edited or proofread by Kate, including links to selected works.

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Cambrian Mother

A humorous nature poem exploring the importance of the world's most glossed-over resource: slate.

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