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Karl Saint Lucy

Culture & Lifestyle Writer

Location icon United States of America

Karl Saint Lucy is a journalist in the arts and entertainment, LGBTQ+, and mental health spaces. He is published in Grindr's digital queer magazine, INTO; and Metro US, the largest free daily circulation newspaper in the U.S.

A musician by training, he sold one of his musicals, F**king Identical Twins, to 20th Century Fox in 2016; and he was a finalist for the Grammy Award-winning men's vocal ensemble, Chanticleer, in 2017.



Peppermint Shines as Pythio in Broadway's Incredibly Queer 'Head Over Heels'

Head Over Heels is exactly what it sets out to be: a silly, queer romp with gender-bending reversals and a thrown-together ending that ties up all its loose ends too neatly; a recapitulation of the endlessly reusable musical theater trope of “tradition vs. change;” a jukebox musical with tunes by an all-female band, performed by an all-female band, in a time when women’s agency over their own bodies is up for debate; a star vehicle for the first transgender actress to create a leading role on...

Talking With Ty Defoe, the Two-Spirit Star of ‘Straight White Men’

Ty Defoe shares the stage nightly with Kate Bornstein in Straight White Men on Broadway. Originally from northern Wisconsin, the performer is a member of the Oneida and Ojibwe nations, of the Eagle Clan, and a descendant of Chief Buffalo, who also identifies as two-spirit.

Cole Escola is a Character

INTO scooped Escola from a shoot for Amy Sedaris’ show on truTV to reflect on his near-decade of comedy in New York.

'Log Cabin': Six Years in Homonormative Hell

Jordan Harrison’s Log Cabin, directed by Pam MacKinnon and running at Playwrights Horizons through this Sunday, is a toothless commentary on contemporary homonormativity that recapitulates its characters’ regressive politics even as it attempts, unsuccessfully, to point them toward a more enlightened future.

Metro US
What to expect as Shakespeare in the Park takes on Othello

Chukwudi Iwuji and Corey Stoll are veterans of Shakespeare, the Public Theater and Central Park's summer series Shakespeare in the Park. But both men are new to their roles in Othello, directed by Ruben Santiago-Hudson for this summer's production at Central Park's Delacorte Theater-Iwuji as the Moorish Venetian general, Othello; Stoll as his duplicitous ensign, Iago.

Justin Vivian Bond: 'Now’s The Time, More Than Ever, To Let Your Freak Flag Fly'

The inimitable Mx. Justin Vivian Bond, perhaps best known for their role as Kiki Durane in the comedy duo Kiki & Herb (with co-star Kenny Mellman), comes to Joe’s Pub this September for A Star Is Borned: The Adventures of Chipra. Bond is also recognizable from Shortbus, High Maintenance, Difficult People, and countless other roles on TV and film. Their memoir, Tango: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels, won a Lambda Literary Award in 2011. INTO sat down with Viv for a peek into the...

Who is ‘The Boys in the Band' For Now?

The people leading Broadway institutions, and the firms that market their engagements, are comfortable with excluding bodies of difference and dissent. If our choice, as queer people, is to either pay rent or see the same old stories reprised year after year, I know where my money’s going.

'A Letter to Harvey Milk:' A Gay, Jewish Musical for Girls and Goys

Off the bat, audiences understand that A Letter to Harvey Milk intends to dialogue not just on the intersections of Jewish and queer history, but on the urgency and potency of theatergoing itself. It’s a love letter to musical theater, the inevitable spiritual child of both Yiddish and queer culture, two cultures rooted in the remaking of cultural artifacts and language in their own image. Which is to say, it’s smart as hell.

Daniel McCoy Investigates Gender, Power, and Bodily Agency in 'Dick Pix' and 'Perfect Teeth'

Brimming with hysterical self-awareness and well-coordinated “violence design,” Daniel McCoy’s sister plays, Dick Pix and Perfect Teeth, make for a stunning exploration of the casualties of a largely queer-exclusive gender equity movement — even if at times their “inside baseball” points of departure may prove inaccessible for audience members who don’t work in the arts.

Buffalo Bailey Wants You to Buy a Timeshare

If you’re a gay horse, a troubled teen girl, or interested in becoming one of 52 owners of a Midwestern horse sanctuary/vacation home, then Buffalo Bailey’s Ranch for Gay Horses, Troubled Teen Girls, and Other: A 90-Minute Timeshare Presentation may be exactly what the subprime mortgage broker ordered.

'Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!': The United States of Penny Arcade

Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!: The Penny Arcade Sex and Censorship Show, co-created with multidisciplinary artist Steve Zehentner, is a joyful, sex-positive, queer carnival that asks us to get up from our seats and dance, even as it nurses our political and spiritual wounds.

Amanda Duarte: On ‘Staying Alive’ as the World Falls Apart

On September 21, Amanda Duarte wields her uniquely vociferous and eschatological funny bone — with The Gay Agenda, Becca Blackwell, Matthew Cleaver, and Jenn Harris in tow — at Joe’s Pub for Staying Alive. INTO spoke to Duarte for the latest on her exploits.


Conner Habib On The Future Of Sex

INTO spoke to author, lecturer, and podcast/web series host Conner Habib to talk what got us to FOSTA, what’s at stake now that it’s a reality, and what we can do in its aftermath to save sex workers, the Internet, and ourselves.

No F**king Allowed

Unfortunately, we can’t bring nudity into our day-to-day lives, and society is unlikely to give us space for cuddle piles in our workplaces anytime soon. But I believe we have a lot to gain if we work to dissolve those gates in our personal lives and cultivate curiosity around sexuality that’s allowed to be everywhere and nowhere at once.

Art & Music

Surprise! Tennessee Williams Painted, Too, and His Paintings Are Gay AF

Guess what? In addition to being maybe the most important American playwright of the 20th century, Tennessee Williams was also an accomplished oil painter. Nine of his paintings are currently on display at the Jewish Museum of Florida, in an exhibit called Tennessee Williams: Playwright & Painter, through October 7. What even are you doing with your gay-ass life?!

Spencer Day's Hollywood Ending in 'Angel City'

Spencer Day's latest release, Angel City, was released on iTunes on June 1. It’s a beautifully eclectic personal epic in which he exhorts us to pursue our deepest desires, even as we reckon with the disappointments we face on our journeys toward them. It’s also a bittersweet love letter to Los Angeles, which he treats as a synecdoche for a creative life in thrall to the machinations of the entertainment industry.

Cristina Pitter on Decolonizing Space with Art and Magic

Interdisciplinary artist Cristina Pitter has spent the last year investigating her role as a queer, fat woman of color who has dated primarily white people in her solo show, decolonizing my vagina. On Thursday, August 30, she shifts focus to ancestry — that of queerness and color — for a new, tangentially-related multimedia piece, decolonizing the color of queerness. The piece is presented as an Open Studio performance at the Leslie+Lohman Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art’s Prince Street Project.

Mental Health

What It's Like to Be LGBTQ With PTSD

I’m in the business of storytelling, and, given how important telling and re-contextualizing my own story has been to my own recovery process, I expected many others to be interested in sharing their experiences living with PTSD with me. I was wrong.

For Love of Flakes

Sometimes we learn the value of our commitments best when we break them.

When Looking Good Feels Bad

I may not have the body of a circuit party Adonis, but I’ve done a fuck ton of personal work. I’m getting better at recognizing my triggers, soothing myself with herbal tea, and asking for help; if I still need cheeseburgers to get me through this Trumpian hellscape, so be it. I’m unwilling to accept the idea anymore that my brain and body, which have gotten me through so many close scrapes, are unacceptable because they’ve made me fat.


Metro US
Adult Summer Camp's a real (important) thing

Being a grown-up can be a bummer. When we were kids, we got summers off—now that we've traded the academic year for a 401k, vacation days are carefully meted out, and we usually have to cash them in on visits to family. If you're feeling stressed, check out adult summer camp.

Metro US
Signs your manager doesn't have your back

You've just finished your quarterly check-in, and something's off. You've maintained a good rapport with your boss; you've met-nay, exceeded-your KPIs; you've played well with others, even that guy from Accounting you can't stand... why do you still feel that your job is going nowhere?

Metro US
Hack IKEA furniture with a DIY design

By all accounts, Lotta Lundaas is a newcomer to New York - she moved to the U.S. five years ago from Sweden to lead marketing teams in the publishing and telecom sectors. Lately though, she's applied her business acumen to a rediscovery of the DIY ethos and minimalist sensibility of her youth.

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