Karlee Prazak

writer | designer | social | visual

United States of America

Well, hello! I'm excited you want to learn more about me ... To start, I am a Southern California-native, the youngest child in a family of four, and in recent years, an avid adventurer. I grew up pushing the limits of both land and water trading off time between surfing and playing volleyball (a 10-year passion project that consumed mine and my awesome parent's early 2000s). This passion for challenging myself influenced me to pursue a journalism degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, which was close to home but far enough away for me to get outside my comfort zone. The active SLO community proved to be the best place to get a degree and also fall in love with new activities—backpacking, camping, hiking, climbing, running and biking.

After college, I moved back to Southern California, moved in with some amazing friends, and sought out to conquer the publishing industry. I found myself writing—and actually being paid for it!—designing and loving working for a small publishing company. I moved on to try my hand in social media, while maintaining status as a freelancer, but the fit wasn't right. Then, I got the opportunity to switch to public relations working for GoPro, and I haven't looked back since.



Newport Beach Magazine
Spectrum of Health

This story features seven unique juice bars from around Newport Beach that are serving items across the rainbow.

Laguna Beach Magazine
Traversing Local Trails

For this article, I had the pleasure of touring the trails I write about with local rangers and participated in a short backpacking trip as research.

Laguna Beach Magazine
Island Fare

I visited the restaurant as a diner and later wrote a review about my experience.

Bespoke Concierge Magazine
Formula for Speed

I had the pleasure of interviewing Formula One greats Mario Andretti and Can Gurney for this piece on the sport and its stop at Circuit of the Americas in 2014.

Newport Beach Magazine
A Montage of Contemporary Art

I attended an event where I took photography, and based on this wrote the content and later designed the layout.

Laguna Beach Magazine
Art for the Public Eye

For this article, I got to tour the public art in the city to write the content and later direct photography and design the layout.

Newport Beach Magazine
Water Wonderful

I got to sit down and speak with a competitive paddler and coach to write and later design this story.

Newport Beach Magazine
Isle of Art

I wrote all content and designed the layout.

Newport Beach Magazine
Retro Revival

I wrote the content, directed all photography and designed the layout.

Montage Magazine
Sticking to History

I both wrote the content and designed the layout for this article.

Design work

Newport Beach Independent
Road to the New Civic & Park

I designed this graphic for the newspaper to present a "timeline" of the city building a new civic center.

Loews Magazine
Nail Files

I organized the photography for this article and later executed the design, which included obtaining nail polishes for the sidebar.

Newport Beach Magazine
Battle of the Balboa Bars

I organized all photography and attended shoots to direct and later designed the graphic to complete this layout.

Newport Beach Magazine
Magazine Ad

I designed this ad from basic elements from the client to publish as a full page in the magazine

Newport Beach Magazine
Bridal Bliss

I styled this shoot based on the editorial content, which included contacting designers and securing use of both wedding gowns and jewelry, and later organized the use of the location and hiring of models. After directing the shoot, I designed the final layout.

Montage Magazine
Spice of Life

I executed the lead imagery, directed all photography and designed the layout.

Montage Magazine
The Vinyl Revival

I designed the layout, including the graphic timeline on the second spread.