Karen Hewell

Freelance Copywriter + Content Strategist

Location icon United States of America

I specialize in web copywriting, UX writing, strategic content planning, digital content management and production and branding. I have worked with clients in industries as varied as healthcare, emerging technology, advertising/media, construction, travel and eCommerce.


Video Scripts

Branding + Brand Content Strategy

Website Copywriting

LugBug adjusted their product offering to include apparel, and needed a new voice and communication branding that encompassed their entire approach to ergonomic design. I created all content on the website, as well as assisted in the overall visual concept(s).

Brand Belief Development

As part of a three-month branding effort supported by an audit, brand research and collaboration with designers, this branding project was driven by one important thing: beliefs. I created the concepts, copy and guided a portion of the design for this Beliefs Branding package, and collaborated with my company president and our team of talented designers to complete this project. The project would go on to guide a new branding effort for the company, led by their CEO. Note: Due to...

Blogs + Articles

From Machine to Mindset: Car Buying and the Rise of the "Digital Dealership"

Only a decade ago, the prospect of making any major purchase online was practically inconceivable. Online shopping was almost entirely reserved for smaller purchases - clothing, shoes, and simple electronics. Largely due to consumers' hesitation to put too much trust in online retailers, buying "sight unseen," the concept of not only researching but ultimately purchasing higher ticket items seemed far-fetched at best and irresponsible at worst.

In Sickness and In Health: How Brands are Reimagining the Digital Health Experience

Robotic surgery, 3D-printed prosthetics , and bionic organ transplants - modern medical technology can do the seemingly impossible in pursuit of saving lives. Yet as public attention is focused on innovation within health-care settings, the most profound advancements are those that affect patients well before (and often long after) they land in a doctor's office or hospital room.

Ethics, Innovation, and the Era of Unintended Consequences

This ghostwriting project was intended to extend key themes and conversations covered during the annual symposium. This included on-site time at the symposium and a number of informal interviews with attendees.

HealthTek Global
5 Reasons Why Your Healthcare IT Proposal Keeps Getting Rejected -

Nearly every IT leader has been there - you dedicate an extraordinary amount of time on the proposal for a promising new healthcare IT project, only to have your proposal rejected by the hospital's advisory board with little explanation.

HealthTek Global
What Next Level Change Management Looks Like for Healthcare IT

Anyone with experience in healthcare IT knows one thing for sure: there are few things more challenging than managing a large-scale implementation while minimizing disruption. The process of managing high-level change and transformation within a healthcare organization is a little bit like trying to change a car's tires while driving down the highway.

The Subscription Ecommerce "Kiss of Death": Unexpected Downtime

Anyone browsing Amazon during last week's Prime Day shopping frenzy has probably grown especially familiar with the dogs of Amazon - and not for the reason you'd think. Beginning on Monday afternoon - essentially the very moment Amazon's biggest shopping day of the year kicked off - the eCommerce behemoth struggled to handle the influx of people on their site.

Brooklyn Bedding
Sleep Mythbusters: Are Yawns Contagious?

This blog was written as part of a #SleepMythbusters series dispelling/proving the most harmful (and humorous) myths and truths about sleep and sleep health.

No. 5: Reducing Friction with Context, Structure, and Flow

This is the fifth installment of our series on the 12 Competencies of UX Design. Imagine you're checking your email one morning and find an email from your bank notifying you about an update to your account. The email says you can find information about the update in your notification center.

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