Karen Cornish

Pet journalist

United Kingdom

Freelance writer, editor and proofreader specializing in pets. A working mum of two who writes, drinks tea and walks her Lurcher in North Norfolk.

My VIP (Pets at Home)
Making Head Or Tail Of Popsie

Not sure about your dog's breed? A doggie DNA test may help you understand your pet's unique appearance, behaviours, training and wellness needs – as VIP club member KAREN CORNISH, from Norfolk, discovered

The Sunday Times
Barks and Bytes

Is your pet up to speed with technology? Karen Cornish rounds up the latest animal gadgetry...

Dogs Monthly
Testing Times

Scarlett was born for the sole purpose of being experimented on in a toxicology laboratory. Fortunately, she was saved, and as a Beagle ambassador is now helping to raise awareness of the outdated and failing science which maintains this cruel industry, writes KAREN CORNISH

Dogs Monthly
Interview with Sue Barker

After a quarter of a century living with Rottweilers, tennis legend and TV presenter Sue Barker OBE decided to try something new. She now shares her life with a rescued Cocker and a Romanian street dogs, writes KAREN CORNISH

Dogs Monthly
Interview with Evan Davis

Radio 4's PM presenter, Evan Davis, has a keen nose for news, while his beloved Mr Whippy would much rather be sniffing out squirrels, writes KAREN CORNISH

Separation anxiety: what it is and how to deal with it - Admiral

When we were only allowed to leave our homes for exercise, suddenly everyone wanted to walk the dog. As domesticated pack animals, dogs were never meant to be left alone so having constant companionship during this time was a dream come true for them.

10 of the best dog-friendly beaches in the UK - Admiral

The UK is fortunate to have access to thousands of miles of coastline and hundreds of beaches but, at the height of holiday season, doggie paddlers are usually excluded from tourist areas. However, there are some glorious truly dog-friendly seaside destinations that welcome waggy tails without any restrictions.

Get Set Pet
Can I train my cat?

There is a common misconception that cats are stubborn and disobedient compared to dogs, making them impossible to train. In fact, cats are highly intelligent and all over the world you'll find felines that come when called and sit when asked.

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Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Grass eating is a common canine behaviour, although no one knows for sure why dogs do it. Some people believe they eat grass to make themselves sick after eating something that has made them feel unwell, and others think that by choosing to eat grass, dogs are trying to make up for a lack of nutrients in their diet.

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Your Simple Guide to Pet First Aid

Would you know what to do if your dog was stung by a bee or your cat came home with a wounded leg? You may not have considered what you would do in an emergency situation but by learning some basic pet first aid you'll be less likely to panic and more likely to be able to help.