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Our vendors: Octavia Peck (The Contributor, Nashville) - INSP

Where are you from? I'm a Mississippian. I was raised chopping cotton and picking cotton. My dad owned his own land and I worked for him. We raised cotton and beans, rice, and...

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A Lesson In Glass Work, Corning Glass Factory

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Occupation: Musician, All Around Farm Hand Band/Duo: TOWNE Location: Nashville, TN Birthplace: Somerset, KY "Runnin' Into You" by TOWNE (Games We Play EP) Good morning, Jon! You...

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An Underground Coffee House in Nashville - The WordShop

When I was 18, I had an argument with my father that it shouldn't matter who you know, but rather what you know. I'm still an optimist and a wee bit naive, but I wouldn't argue...

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Amélie's: A French Bakery and Coffee Shop - The WordShop

Downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, looks a little too planned for this North-easterner. I'm absolutely not bragging about Philly, my nearest big market metro, but I'll use it...

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The Arts-Rob Hendon - The WordShop

Occupation: Artist Location: Nashville, TN ROB HENDON: "I'm Inspired by the Acoustic Guitar...It Represents Songwriting" There's a gratefulness to your paintings. A positivity....

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Making Limoncello - The WordShop

April 2012. Originally published on bucketlistpublications.com The gloaming time at Spannocchia brings easy laughter and Limoncello, a homemade Italian lemon liqueur that...

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Anne Clinton-A Weight Loss Journey - The WordShop

"I was at the end of myself and ready to do something about it. I never thought I'd lose 70 pounds. Didn't think I would be as empowered as I am...as a woman." Name: Anne...

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Hit Songwriter Bonnie Baker - The WordShop

Music - Hunter Hayes' Co-Writer of "Invisible" "If people are in their sweet spot, then they won't have the energy or time to be hateful or mean spirited with each other. I...

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Health & Wellness - Melanie Jeansonne - The WordShop

Occupation: Form Fitness Yoga Instructor Place of Birth: Mobile, AL Education: B.A. Advertising and Marketing Creds: 200 Hatha Yoga Teacher (Vinyasa Flow) "Our movement doesn't...