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Oh, hi! I am a journalist, editor, and playwright who writes essays and articles about culture, travel, and running for websites and magazines.
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Bella Thorne Really, Really Doesn't Care What You Think About Her
"Sometimes I just want to say, 'F*ck 'em, get off my socials, dawg."
I've Never Seen 'Game of Thrones" and It's Ruining My Life
Wise astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson describes a black hole as "a hole in the three-dimensional fabric of space." You can fall into it from any direction, and once you're in,...
What Shonda Rhimes Taught Me About Saying 'Yes'
I’m a pro at saying no. Nope, sorry, I can’t make it to drinks. Nah, that movie looks terrible. No, thank you, this job isn’t quite right for me...
Why "Pitch Perfect 2" Is the Summer's Most Radical Movie
Screenwriter and former “30 Rock” writer Kay Cannon talks about her a cappella sequel, and why she likes projects led by “being funny first, gender second."
Meryl Streep Wails in Ricki and the Flash
If you leave your kids and succeed, is your choice considered more valid than if you fail?
Trainwreck Is a Manifesto for the Modern Woman
It’s about time romantic comedies got a proper — i.e., highly flawed — heroine.
David Duchovny on His Album and 'The X-Files'
David Duchovny, troubadour? Yes, the former G-man is releasing an album. Of music. He's just as surprised as you are. After hanging up Hank Moody's black T-shirt on...
The Long, Complicated Truth About Mariel Hemingway
The actor talks about her new memoir, her fractured family history — and, yes, Woody Allen, too.
Finally, a Summer Movie Season for Women
Glance at this summer's movie lineup, and you'll notice something strange. Women are getting guns. And guitars. And emotional inner lives. And the ability to have sex, no...
Lessons for Mad Men's Peggy Olson
Elisabeth Moss is starring in a new Broadway role — and this one has a lot to teach her “Mad Men” heroine.
A Woman's Place Is Not on Late-Night TV
The late comedienne Joan Rivers broke through back in 1986, but we should just leave late-night talk shows to the boys. Here’s why.
An Interview with George Lois, the Original Ad Man
"I gotta tell ya, this Simon Roberts is way closer to me than Don fucking Draper." George Lois, ad man extraordinaire, has just watched the first episode of the new comedy...
Portrait of the Photojournalist
"I've never been interested in accumulating stamps in my passport," says Steve McCurry, who nonetheless has gone through many little blue books during his decades as a...
Chris Carter on The X-Files, Sopranos Jealousy, and Rewriting Vince Gilligan
On September 10, 1993, a strange series called The X-Files infiltrated Friday nights on Fox, with brooding story lines involving government conspiracies, sewer-dwelling...
Woman of Steel Miya Ando Turns Metal Into Art
Miya Ando is disarmingly petite; wears all black, goggles, and steel-toed boots; and spends seven days a week sawing, sanding, lacquering, and dunking metals in acid. Her...
How to Get Over Cary Grant
Dyan Cannon was swept up in a romance with one of the biggest stars in the world. In her new book, she details its disastrous ending—and moves forward.
Mad Men's Drinking Habits
Kara Cutruzzula tracked Madison Avenue's booziest office, charting each character's alcoholic intake. What'd they drink-and who needs AA?
The Never-Ending Passions of Padma
Padma Lakshmi is a woman who loves food: reading about it, writing about it, cooking it with her daughter, growing it in her backyard garden (in New York City, of all places)...


How One Entrepreneur Turned Her Homemade Tarts into a Starbucks Treat
When Meghan Ritchie began selling baked goods on her Park Slope stoop, she did it because, well, she liked baking and chatting with her neighbors. She wasn't entertaining the...
How to Combat the Sad Work-from-Home Lunch
If eating lunch at your desk is an act of submission, then for the non-office portion of the working population-freelancers and folks working from home-there's a similarly...
The Particular Joy of the Office Bagel
There is only one correct way to eat a Nature Valley Oats 'n Honey granola bar. Before opening, you must crack its sugarcoated spine twice, and then carefully peel back the...
Why I Made a 24-Hour Donut Pilgrimage to Philly
"It’s 9 a.m. and we’ve already gone through three bottles of wine!" The man sitting in front of me on a Bolt Bus bound for Philadelphia giggles to his female friend, blue Solo...
Rodrigo de la Calle Is Spain's Vegetable Whisperer
Michelin-starred Spanish chef Rodrigo de la Calle is having a whole lot of fun playing with his food…and he’ll leave no plant untried in the process.
Chicken Sashimi Is the Other Pink Meat
Few people would dream of asking for "chicken-medium rare, please" at their next neighborhood barbecue, but at a few (emphasis on few) restaurants around the world, that's...
Rhubarb Isn't Just for Pie Anymore
Grab the forks, folks. This spring has ushered in the reign of the rhubarb.Long known in its most natural and popular incarnation, the strawberry-rhubarb pie, the tart and crisp...


Quebec City Is A Winter Wonderland
No one loves Quebec City's new slogan—"l'accent d'Amerique"—but it does get points for accuracy. The super-charming, French-speaking snow capital of Quebec actually is a...
Tales for My Zambian Safari in South Luangwa National Park
After I pop the poop in my mouth, it occurs to me that maybe my safari guide is lying. Maybe this scrub hare's pellet doesn't contain vitamin A or E or B like he says. Maybe...

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