Joan Richardson

Editor-in-chief, Kappan magazine

Editor, writer, thinker, skeptic.
Editor, writer, and researcher with deep expertise about education. Creative and strategic thinker who excels at transforming publications and rethinking organizational efforts to deepen impact in schools and influence quality of learning. Skillful public speaker and accomplished professional development presenter. Extensive experience visiting schools in U.S. and abroad (Canada, China, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Haiti, Netherlands).

United States of America


Editor's Notes


Slow down to speed up

Most of us need a little think time in order to do our best work and our best learning.


Thank you, Mr. Russove

A 6th-grade teacher made all the difference in the life of this writer.


Be selfish about improvement

Nobody wins the education game if anyone is losing.


Father knows best

Generosity and a sense of community support and participation should extend further than one's own neighborhood


64 words

I cried the night that Takeyta showed me the 64 words she had learned to read.


OK with discomfort

The assigned book was The Scarlet Letter. My seat was right behind the girl who got pregnant.

PDK poll on education


2016 PDK Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools

49th annual poll of public opinion about American schools.


2015 PDK Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools

48th annual poll of public opinion about American schools


2014 PDK Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools

47th annual poll of public opinion about American schools


Staring down policy makers

Americans are giving policy makers "the look."


Don't blame the children

In "failing schools," keep the kids, replace the adults.


Tough love for teachers

Twenty years of unrelenting teacher bashing has not managed to budge the American public’s views of teachers: Teachers are great.



Julian Vasquez Heilig: Charter schools don't serve black children well

The nation’s largest civil rights organization steps up its opposition to charter schools just as a president and new education secretary appear ready to kick the sector into...


Kevin Jennings: Safe at school

Bullied in school, Kevin Jennings now devotes his life to making schools safe for all children.


Clayton Christensen & Michael Horn: Disrupting how and where we learn

The authors of Disrupting Class believe education will be shaped by innovations that create opportunities to individualize learning for every child.


Yong Zhao: Playing catchup with developing nations makes no sense for U.S.

The United States should deepen what it does best, rather than trying to catch up to developing nations.


Maryanne Wolf: Balance technology and deep reading to create biliterate children

Every child needs a repertoire of digital skills, but educators also must ensure that children develop the deep reading skills of an expert reader over time.